What we invest in

We invest in businesses developing advanced, dual-use technologies

NSSIF is accelerating the development of technologies that will give the UK and our allies an advantage, protect our way of life, and promote our prosperity in a tech-driven world.

Often, these technologies have a dual use, applied in both a commercial or industrial setting and in national security and defence.

In identifying and developing dual-use technologies, we focus on 12 areas:

Audio and visual processing

Technologies that allow audio and visual data to be captured, recorded and analysed

Commercial space, platforms and robotics

Low cost of deployment technologies for transporting sensor payloads into challenging environments

Computational behavioural analysis

Technologies that automate processes for measuring and inferring human behaviour at scale

Cyber security

Technologies to enhance and defend digital networks

Data analytics and A.I.

Technologies and tools for interactive data transformation and exploitation, and to enable analysts to work more efficiently

Financial technologies

Technologies that enable financial information to be tracked

Identity technologies

Technologies that highlight or obscure identifying information about individuals and groups

IOT and the evolving environment

Technologies that help understand the local environment or deliver a step change in infrastructure

Novel data transport

Technologies to move data securely and without detection between geographical locations

Sensors, novel materials and power sources

Technologies and novel manufacturing to enable operations

Quantum technologies

Novel technologies and techniques, viable in commercially exploitable timescales

Biological and medical technologies

Technologies and techniques with national security implications, including to detect, manage and mitigate biosecurity risks

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