Investment stories

Investing in the UK’s tech ecosystem for security and prosperity

NSSIF invests in and works closely with businesses whose technologies and products have dual-use potential.

We work alongside Government customers to identify and develop that potential through work programmes which may test, adapt and enhance products.

Oxford Space Systems: high gain, low form factor space antennas

Oxford Space Systems (OSS) produce low mass, stowable antennas for satellites that deploy in orbit. The company’s technology offers more affordable missions delivering high performance space-based Earth observation and communications.

What did NSSIF do?

NSSIF identified OSS’s technology as being able to advance critical strategic capabilities for UK national security. NSSIF has collaborated with OSS on a roadmap to expand the company’s product range and accelerate new elements towards adoption on operational systems.

What was the outcome? 1

An In Orbit Demonstration of the technology, combining input from OSS, SSTL and Airbus Defence and Space, is scheduled for launch in the near future.

Element: customisable, secure messaging platform

Element combines the best features of other instant messaging apps with a high degree of security. Its users “own” their messages and data. This protects them from data mining and prevents access by third parties. Element works on all commonly used computers and smartphones, making it easy to bring new team-members into messaging groups.

How did NSSIF work with Element?

NSSIF assessed and approved Element for use as a secure, enhanced messaging solution.  Working closely with the Element team, NSSIF identified how they could potentially be best used by the UK Government to bring diverse teams together.

What was the outcome? 2

NSSIF demonstrated the potential of Element as a secure corporate messaging system.  Day-to-day use and exploration of Element by the NSSIF product evaluation team gave them the information needed to adapt it for secure use by our team. NSSIF’s testing also led to some exciting new features.

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Codility: online skills testing for organisations

Codility provides organisations with the tools they need to test technical skills online. By using Codility, teams can recruit and train remotely, with a platform that supports efforts to increase workforce diversity by reducing unconscious bias.

How did NSSIF work with Codility?

NSSIF verified the different ways that existing Codility features can support the recruitment and training issues faced by today’s organisations. NSSIF also worked closely with Codility, occupational psychologists and educational specialists to develop a new test identifying technical aptitude in candidates with limited or no past experience.

What was the outcome? 3

NSSIF demonstrated the value that Codility can bring to recruitment and training lifecycles across our government partners to harness and cultivate technical skills. The aptitude test is now used by wider Codility customers, enabling organisations to fill roles with suitable candidates that may otherwise have slipped the net.

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