Equity finance

Learn how we work with our partners to fund a variety of equity finance programmes

Learn about our equity finance programmes

We work with a large number of finance partners to fund equity finance programmes designed to support growing UK businesses across a wide range of sectors, regions, and stages of growth.

British Business Bank Programmes

Learn more about the equity finance programmes we administer.

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Long-term Investment for Technology and Science (LIFTS)

The Long-term Investment for Technology and Science (LIFTS) initiative seeks proposals from industry for the establishment of new funds or investment structures to crowd in UK institutional investment, particularly Defined Contribution (DC) pension funds, to support the growth and ambitions of the UK’s most innovative science and technology companies.

Learn more about the Long-term Investment for Technology and Science (LIFTS)

British Patient Capital Programmes

By focusing on the late-stage funding gap, British Patient Capital helps to ensure high-growth UK companies have access to the right type of funding at the right time in their life-cycle, supporting them as they expand, create jobs, develop products and enter new markets.

Learn more about British Patient Capital's investment programmes below.

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British Business Investments Programmes

British Business Investments' programmes increase the volume, diversity and accessibility of longer term equity finance – or patient capital – so that smaller businesses can access the finance they need to realise their growth potential. BBI invests through partners in funds and high-potential businesses.

Learn more about British Business Investments' equity programmes below.

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