Regional support

The Bank’s UK Network Team has a local expert based in every English Region and Devolved Nation. The role of UK Network is to strengthen stakeholder relationships across the UK to help SMEs access finance.

The team works to encourage and enable SMEs to seek the funding best suited to their needs by actively engaging with key stakeholders including a broad range of intermediaries to:

  • Understand local challenges (Insights)
  • Develop and deliver activities (Intervention)
  • Strengthen finance ecosystems to help reduce regional imbalances (Impact)

Regular intel gathering enables the UK Network Team to understand the characteristics and imbalances of local ecosystems which is used as underlying data for the Bank’s reporting and to inform decision making within the Bank as well as disseminating to relevant government departments.

Graphical map losely depicting regions and nations of the UK

UK Network Contacts

South & East Regions:

North & Midlands Regions:

Devolved Nations:

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