Bank Referral Scheme

Open for applications

Step One

Your business approaches a designated bank for an eligible lending facility (see eligibility criteria).

Logo Lloyds Bank
Santander logo
Barclays logo
Logo The Royal Bank of Scotland
Clydesdale Bank logo
Logo - First Trust Bank
HSBC logo
Danske Bank logo
Logo - Bank of Ireland

Step Two

If your business makes an unsuccessful borrowing application to a designated bank, the bank is obliged to offer you a referral to the designated online finance platforms. If you consent to a referral, the bank will then provide your information to each of the platforms who will then contact you.

Logo - Alternative Business Funding
funding options logo
funding xchange logo

Step Three

These platforms will help you find a suitable finance provider that may be willing to offer the finance you require. 

NB - businesses also have the option of approaching the designated platforms, or other similar platforms, brokers and finance providers outside of the mandated bank.

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