Success Story 09 September 2021

Region/Nation London
Programme Enterprise Capital Funds

PrimaryBid is a technology platform that allows individual investors to connect with public companies that are looking to raise capital. Its mission is to make capital markets fairer, more inclusive and more transparent, a commitment and ambition that its investors share too.

Through a long-term agreement with London Stock Exchange, PrimaryBid has created the infrastructure needed for everyday investors to be able to invest in public companies.

Hand holding smart phone with PrimaryBid app open

The company has used funding from Pentech Ventures to expand, both by building out its team and investing in its technology, as it moves into international markets and forges stronger links with key intermediaries.

PrimaryBid is now looking to expand its service to retail investors in new markets, build on its technology platform, and become more deeply involved in the capital-raising relationship between companies and investors.

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