Future Fund: Breakthrough

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Open for applications

Future Fund: Breakthrough is a £425m UK-wide scheme which will encourage private investors to co-invest with government in high-growth, innovative firms.

Key features include:

  • £375m initial fund size
  • Focused on R&D intensive companies
  • Minimum investment round size of £30m
  • Must be a UK based company with significant UK operations
  • Application to be led by established venture capital investors

These R&D intensive companies, accelerate the deployment of breakthrough technologies which can transform major industries, develop new medicines, and support the UK transition to a net zero economy.

Due to high research and development costs, breakthrough technology companies typically require more capital than other technology companies to fuel the later stages of their growth.

Future Fund: Breakthrough is delivered by British Patient Capital a commercial subsidiary of the British Business Bank.

This new scheme is separate from the government’s Future Fund, now closed to new applications, which addressed the immediate funding challenge that innovative, equity backed, UK companies faced due to Covid-19. Participation in the Future Fund will have no bearing on eligibility for, or affect the likelihood of obtaining funding from, Future Fund: Breakthrough.

More information can be found on the British Patient Capital website

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