Kirk and Kirk

Success Story 07 July 2015

Region/Nation South East
Programme Start Up Loans

Kirk & Kirk is an optical design company set up by Jason and Karen Kirk

Kirk and Kirk design their own sunglass and optical collections and also provide design, production and advice for optical companies or fashion companies needing help to create their own collections.

They were looking for finance to help them develop their second collection, and to improve their presence at international trade shows to help create international sales opportunities.

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In an environment where the UK banks were not keen to support new businesses, they applied, on the advice of their accountant, to the Start Up Loan Co to help finance their early stages of development.

The application process was extremely productive. The team at Let’s Do Business offered constructive criticism and direction throughout and encouraged them to question their own process throughout the application. A very positive ‘Dragon’s Den’-style interview highlighted strengths and weaknesses in their plan and allowed us to maximise their understanding and handling of the opportunity.

In the end, they raised just under £50,000 which has allowed them to plough ahead with their business plan and create a new collection in time for launch in Autumn 2015. It also allowed them to concentrate on the finer points of their business rather than spending their time managing the banks.

Jason and Karen commented:

There is no doubt that this finance has allowed us to work in conditions that have improved our confidence and performance. Let’s Do Business have remained quietly present and supportive even after the funding process has been completed and make themselves available, without being intrusive, to offer their valuable experience to assist in the success of Kirk & Kirk.

As well as providing Start up LoansLet’s Do Business are participants in the British Business Bank’s Enterprise Finance Guarantee programme.

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