Kalopsia Collective CIC

Success Story 07 February 2019

Region/Nation Scotland
Programme Enterprise Finance Guarantee

Edinburgh based Kalopsia is a batch textiles manufacturer for mills, independent businesses and retailers.

Founded in 2012, Kalopsia creates white label accessories and apparel for their clients using their ‘Assemble’ open manufacturing service and their fabrics, with the aim to reduce waste and surplus whilst manufacturing commercial products for British and international clients.

In 2018, they received funding through Scottish Enterprise Finance Guarantee partner DSL Business Finance to expand their number of employees and equip their business with additional machinery.

Alison Wibmer Kalopsia Collective

Kalopsia currently manufactures for clients ranging from independent designers and small business, to large corporations, retailers and public bodies. Today, Kalopsia Collective operates as a social enterprise in Edinburgh’s busy creative and cultural port, Leith, with the aim to batch manufacture textiles products more ethically and sustainably.

We are currently in a period of expansion and being able to access continued finance as we require it has enabled us to consistently match the demand for our services and plan for the future. Adam Robertson Managing Director at Kalopsia Collective