Colleague case study – Suneet Kapoor

What does a typical day look like for you?

My days are extremely busy but I’m doing what I enjoy, and I like that there’s plenty to keep me occupied.

I get started quite early so I can plan out my day.

Being a central function, there are many occasions where things can land unexpectedly and without notice.

Right now, we’re keeping the Bank up and running while we’re all working from home, and there are lot of things going on that our end users don’t see.

They’ll see a smooth-running, well‑oiled machine – which we are – but there are tweaks going on in the background to make sure the Bank’s performance doesn’t dip.

My team are responsible for desktop, software and application support.

From my point of view, I look at IT from an operational perspective and make sure we have the right processes in place to support the business.

The Bank is here to support the growth of small businesses and the UK economy, and this is a big thing for me. Suneet Kapoor Head of IT Service Desk

Why did you decide to join the Bank?

The Bank is here to support the growth of small businesses and the UK economy, and this is a big thing for me. I feel passionately about it.

When I first saw the role come up, the more I looked into the Bank, the more I realised I wanted to work here.

Yes, it’s a bank, but it isn’t a commercial, high-street bank. It’s a government-owned bank and it’s there to support small businesses and grow the economy.

There seems to be a split between the South and the rest of the country, with a lot of the money and jobs situated in the capital.

But the Bank is focusing on the Government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda and runs a number of regional funds to help provide the necessary finance across the UK.

How have you found working from home?

One thing that’s proven itself during the last year of working from home is that, as a business, we have a solid IT infrastructure.

The only impact we’ve felt from the pandemic is in the social aspects. Apart from that, everything’s fine.

The COVID-19 pandemic almost accelerated the IT function.

Early on, we had an inkling that the country would go into lockdown, so we were able to put various systems, controls and processes in place to help us support our staff well in advance.

The initial impact of coronavirus meant we were working a lot harder, and it was sad to lose the social interaction with colleagues, where you go for a coffee or grab lunch together.

But since we’ve been working from home, we haven’t seen an increase in support calls due to the preventative measures we anticipated and put in place.

The feedback we’ve received from the business is that the IT support while working from home has been excellent, particularly around the onboarding of new starters.

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