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Colleague case study - Efe Koomson

My team were very welcoming during my internship, and I saw the impact they had on the wider bank; they play a real important role whether it be internally or externally.

Efe Koomson
Internal Communications Executive

My typical day starts off with checking our communications planner to see what needs to be shared with colleagues at the Bank such as a blogpost, news article, email announcement, or other communications.

I often have meetings with the wider communications team or the internal communications team so I will prepare for that in advance.

If I have a meeting-free day, I am often working with the internal communications team towards a campaign or an event, so will check if anything needs to be done regarding that.

Approaching the end of my university journey I decided to embark on an internship for three months at the Bank and I joined the communications team in 2021.

I worked with the regional communications manager and gained exposure to the work they do and how it relates to wider communications at the Bank.

I learnt about drafting press releases, analysing data coverage, and conducting interviews for news stories.

As my internship was ending, my team notified me of a permanent internal communications executive role which I interviewed for and secured.

I wanted to challenge myself by taking on a role within the finance sector and I also wanted to pursue a role within government, so the Bank was a great fit.

My team were very welcoming during my internship, and I saw the impact they had on the wider bank; they play a real important role whether it be internally or externally.

They really do have a strong position within the Bank!


I joined when Covid-19 had much higher cases then it has now, so I rarely came into the office and only had one meeting with my whole team throughout the whole three months of my internship!

Hybrid working for me has improved greatly with the Bank’s Locate For Your Day initiative.

It allows for flexibility when deciding to work from the office or from home.

This gives me the opportunity to meet with my team in person when we have big meetings or events to plan, it makes it easier to catch up in person, sometimes you lose that personal connection when you send emails back and forth or communicate through Teams calls.

On most days I like to switch off with some reading or blogging or delving into a good Netflix show!

Other times I am at the gym focusing on my weight training or other times I like to catch up with some friends over a late dinner – when the weather permits!

I feel it is important to have a good work-life balance as sometimes with a lot to do, your day can feel stressful.

Making an effort to ensure that your evenings and weekends are worthwhile is important!

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