Colleague case study - Luke Stott

What does a typical day look like for you?

As the Bank’s Content Manager, it’s my responsibility to oversee the content creation process, specifically for our Finance Hub and Start Up Loans websites.

That includes devising the overarching content strategy and managing the production process from commissioning to publication.

In addition to this, I’ll also get involved in copywriting for a variety of different departments, from writing a presentation synopsis to helping articulate the purpose of an entire department.

What advice would you give to someone considering the bank?

I didn’t come to the Bank with a background in Finance, in fact most of us didn’t.

My career prior to the Bank was mainly working with central and local government at a variety of different public sector organisations.

What really matters is your transferable skills.

Each of my previous roles helped me develop my knowledge of marketing and communications activity, much of which I use daily with the Bank.

As for the sector specific knowledge, It can’t hurt to have a read through our business advice encyclopaedia either if you need to brush up on the difference between equity and debt finance!

We all want the economy to grow but I feel the bank does a brilliant job in answering the question, “to what end?” Luke Stott Content Manager

Why did you decide to join the Bank?

As a particularly prosocial person I was drawn to the Bank’s objectives of breaking down barriers to finance for different communities as well as its steadfast commitment to net zero.

We all want the economy to grow but I feel the bank does a brilliant job in answering the question, “to what end?”

Another aspect of the Bank I really value is its culture and the faith the Bank places in you to do your job from day one - with as much supervision as you feel you need.

How have you found hybrid working?

Having spent most of my career working remotely, I’ve found the Bank’s Locate for Your Day initiative to be hugely beneficial to both my productivity and work/life balance.

The Bank has provided all the equipment you could want to work effectively, so much so that my home set-up is now better than when I venture into the office!

As someone who works much better in a quiet environment, hybrid working allows me the flexibility to undertake most of my duties from home and then prioritise meetings and collaborative work when I go to either of our offices.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

Outside of work I hold the position of President of the Alumni Association at Loughborough University.

This involves chairing the Alumni Advisory board as well as holding a place on the University Council, the senior governing body of the University.

Although it’s a big commitment, the Bank supports this by giving me special leave to attend meetings and other functions.

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