Small Business Equity Tracker Infographic 2023

Equity investment declined in 2022, driven by a downturn in the second half of the year

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of equity invested into the UK’s smaller businesses in 2022, a decline of 11% compared to 2021

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announced deals in 2022, down 7% compared to 2021

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of growth stage investment in 2022, down 25% compared to 2021

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decline in total small business equity investment during the second half of 2022, compared to the first half

A record year for university spinouts

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of total equity investment in 2022 went to university spinouts, at a value of £2bn

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average deal size for university spinouts, 33% higher than the wider market

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of total equity deals in 2022 were in university spinouts, totalling 226 deals

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Cambridge University

had the highest number of spinout deals in 2022 (33), followed by the University of Oxford (31) and the University of Edinburgh (15)

Key strengths and opportunities for the UK in clean tech, life sciences and nanotech

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fall in overall equity investment value for tech companies in 2022

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increase in cleantech investment to £0.9bn in 2022, bucking the trend of the wider equity market

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of equity investment into UK life sciences companies during 2020-22, more than Germany, France and Canada combined

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of global venture capital investment into nanotech in 2020-22 went to the UK, the third largest share by country

British Business Bank more likely to support tech and university spinouts

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of all UK equity investment was supported by the British Business Bank in 2020-2022

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of all UK equity deals were supported by the British Business Bank in 2020-2022

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of Bank-supported deals were in the tech sector, compared to 42% across the overall market in 2020-22

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of Bank-supported deals were for university spinouts, compared to 9% of wider market deals in 2020-22