Future Fund Portfolio

Future Fund Portfolio Overview

As at 31 December 2023, the Future Fund held an equity interest in 696 companies.

The rate of conversions in Q3 2023/4 was lower compared to the previous quarter, with 44 new additions. In contrast, the number of insolvencies this quarter was higher than the previous quarter, with 27 new insolvencies added.

This sustained level in corporate activity is in part due to outstanding Future Fund loans nearing their three-year maturity date. The Future Fund has been writing to companies with outstanding loans six months in advance of the maturity date, setting out the options for companies. In order to support Future Fund companies throughout the maturity process, the Future Fund sends companies Maturity FAQs and other supporting documents. As at 12 January 2024, 97 loans have been extended by up to two years.

As at 31 December 2023, there had been 173 insolvencies.

The following tables show the breakdown of the portfolio as at 31 December 2023 and a reconciliation from the previous quarterly data published.

Breakdown of the Future Fund portfolio as at 31 December 2023

As at 31 December 2023
(Original Loan Amount)

Previous Quarter

Change since previous quarter






Equity interests





Cash realisations














Explanatory notes:

Loans: the number of Future Fund investments in the form of a convertible loan.

Equity interests: the number of Future Fund investments in the form of a share. These arise primarily as a result of a convertible loan converting into shares following a financing event. Equity interests also arise following, a sale or an IPO in which investors, including the Future Fund, receive share consideration in the form of shares in the acquiring entity.

Cash realisations: the number of Future Fund investments that have been realised for cash as a result of a company being acquired. Consequently, the Future Fund no longer holds an Equity Interest or a Loan in those companies.

Insolvencies: the number of Future Fund investments in respect of companies which have entered administration, liquidation or another formal insolvency process as disclosed in Companies House filings.

Please note that the original number of Future Fund investments increased from 1,190 to 1,191 as a result of a demerger of one company.

Reconciliation of equity interests since last quarterly update


Previous published number of equity interests


Companies removed from list of equity interests


New conversions of loans into equity interests




Company names: equity interests

Company nameRegion
10Th Man Media LimitedLondon
2D Heat LimitedNorth West (England)
2PD LimitedNorth East (England)
365 Business Finance LimitedLondon
3Radical LimitedSouth West (England)
Aashni & Co LTD.London
Acre 1144 LimitedLondon
Acre Platforms LimitedLondon
Actelligent (U.K.) Company LimitedLondon
Adaptai LtdSouth East (England)
Adarga LimitedLondon
Additive Manufacturing Technologies LtdYorkshire and The Humber
Addvantage Global LimitedLondon
Adonis Smart Foods LtdLondon
Adverttu LimitedLondon
Aeristech LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Agplus Holdings LimitedLondon
Ahauz LimitedLondon
Ai Exchange LtdSouth West (England)
Air Control Entech LimitedScotland
Airfi Networks UK LimitedLondon
Airfinity LimitedLondon
Airpos LimitedNorthern Ireland
Alertive Limited**East Midlands (England)
Alkhamware LimitedLondon
All.Space Networks Limited**South East (England)
Alloyed Limited**South East (England)
Alpha Sonic Systems LtdLondon
Alquity UK LimitedLondon
Altitude Angel LtdSouth East (England)
Alusid LimitedNorth West (England)
Alvius LtdLondon
Ampersand Health LimitedLondon
Amplyfi LtdWales
Animal Dynamics LimitedSouth East (England)
Anthropos Digital Care LimitedLondon
Apobec Discovery LtdWest Midlands (England)
Appear Here LimitedLondon
Apperio LimitedLondon
Apps2Data (Holdings) LimitedScotland
Aqdot LimitedEast of England
Arc Group Global LtdLondon
Arctic Shores LimitedNorth West (England)
Arctoris LtdSouth East (England)
Arcutis Biotherapeutics Inc.*United States
Arksen LimitedSouth East (England)
Arlington London LimitedLondon
Arqit Quantum Inc*Cayman Islands
Arquella LtdYorkshire and The Humber
Arquer Diagnostics LimitedNorth East (England)
Artesian Solutions Limited*South East (England)
Artificial Labs LtdLondon
Artisan Coffee Co LimitedSouth East (England)
Artvisor LtdLondon
ARX Alliance LimitedLondon
Assetz Capital LimitedNorth West (England)
Astronautx LimitedSouth East (England)
Atelier Technology LimitedLondon
Auddy LimitedLondon
Authentic Bespoke LimitedLondon
Automata Technologies LimitedLondon
Automated Intelligence LimitedNorthern Ireland
Avado Group LimitedLondon
Avealto LimitedLondon
Avida Global LimitedSouth East (England)
Axial Medical Printing LimitedNorthern Ireland
Azadyne LtdLondon
Baanx Group LtdLondon
Balre Technologies LtdLondon
Barinthus Biotherapeutics Plc*South East (England)
Batfast Cricket Centres LimitedEast Midlands (England)
BBM Global Support Ltd**London
BC Englishscore LimitedLondon
Beamery Inc***United States
Beautystack LimitedLondon
Beckley Psytech Limited*South East (England)
Bemyeye Holdings LimitedLondon
Betconnect LtdNorth East (England)
Better All Round LtdNorth West (England)
Better Tasting Drinks Co. LimitedEast Midlands (England)
Big Atom LimitedLondon
Big Wave Brands LtdLondon
Bikmo LimitedNorth West (England)
Billon Group LimitedLondon
Binomia LtdLondon
Biorelate LimitedNorth West (England)
BiVictriX Therapeutics Plc*North West (England)
Blackbullion LtdLondon
Blackcurve Solutions LimitedSouth West (England)
Blackford Group LimitedScotland
Blackthorn FS Limited**London
Blockstar Holdings Ltd**London
Blok London LimitedLondon
Blu Wireless Technology LimitedSouth West (England)
Blue International Holdings LimitedSouth West (England)
Bmll Technologies LimitedLondon
Bockatech LtdEast of England
Bomad Investments LimitedLondon
Bowman Power Group LimitedSouth East (England)
Breathe International LtdLondon
Breedr LimitedSouth East (England)
Bricklane Technologies LtdLondon
Brilliant Planet Limited**East of England
B-Secur LimitedNorthern Ireland
Bud Financial LimitedLondon
Bulbshare LimitedLondon
Bumper International Limited**London
Bunk App LTD.London
Buyapowa LimitedLondon
Buzz Bikes LimitedLondon
Byhiras Group LimitedLondon
Calon Cardio-Technology LtdWales
Cambridge Allergy LtdSouth East (England)
Cambridge Molecular Diagnostics LtdEast of England
Cambridge Oncology LtdEast of England
Camvertec LimitedEast of England
CanCertain Limited**North West (England)
Canverse Games Ltd**South East (England)
Capitalise.Com Platform LtdLondon
Capitalrise Finance LimitedLondon
Carbon Air LimitedNorth West (England)
Carousel Ventures LimitedLondon
C-Capture LimitedYorkshire and The Humber
Ceed LtdLondon
Cellen Life Sciences LimitedLondon
Cellpoint Digital Holdings Limited**London
Censornet LimitedLondon
Centuro Global LimitedLondon
Century-Tech LimitedLondon
Certino LimitedSouth West (England)
Chain Biotechnology LimitedSouth East (England)
Character Counts LtdLondon
Cheerfy LtdSouth East (England)
Cherryz LtdLondon
Chip Financial LtdLondon
Cipher Surgical LimitedScotland
CIRCA5000 LTD**London
Circtec Ltd**London
Cirdan Imaging LimitedNorthern Ireland
Citizen UK Holding LtdLondon
City Falcon LimitedLondon
Closed Loop Medicine LtdEast of England
Cloudnc LtdLondon
Coadjute LimitedLondon
Cognitive Credit LimitedEast of England
Coinvestor LimitedSouth East (England)
Colorifix LimitedEast of England
Commodities Ai LtdLondon
Community Social Investment Limited*London
Compleat Software LimitedSouth East (England)
Concured LimitedLondon
Conilon LtdLondon
Contentive Group LimitedLondon
Corrosion Radar LimitedEast of England
Cospace Group LimitedEast of England
Counting LtdLondon
Covatic LtdWest Midlands (England)
Cpress Management LimitedSouth East (England)
Crab Clinical Informatics LtdEast of England
Cracker Drinks Co. LimitedSouth East (England)
Crate To Plate Limited**London
Cred Investments Holdings LimitedLondon
Credit Laser Holdings LimitedChannel Islands
Crikle Business Platforms LimitedLondon
Cross-Flow Energy Company LimitedWales
Crowd Connected LimitedSouth East (England)
Crypta Labs LimitedLondon
Cultureai LtdNorth West (England)
Cumulus Neuroscience Limited**Northern Ireland
Cydar LimitedEast of England
Cytox LimitedNorth West (England)
Delio LtdWales
Deontics LimitedLondon
Diagnostics.Ai LtdLondon
Dice FM Holdings Ltd**London
Digimarc Corporation*United States
Digital Home Visits LtdWest Midlands (England)
Digital Reality Corp LtdLondon
Dines App LtdLondon
Directed Systems LimitedEast of England
Diversified Real Estate Asset Management LtdLondon
Dma Link LimitedLondon
Docuchain LimitedLondon
Donr Group LtdNorth East (England)
Dr Canary LimitedEast of England
Dragonfly Biosciences Limited*Australia
Dynamis Associates LtdNorth West (England)
Eartex LtdLondon
E-Bate LimitedEast Midlands (England)
Econic Technologies LtdNorth West (England)
Edge Petrol LimitedLondon
Edgify Ai LTD.London
Edify Global Holding**United Arab Emirates
Eequ LtdSouth East (England)
Effective Investing LimitedSouth East (England)
Eis Platforms LtdLondon
Elasticstage LtdLondon
Electronrx LimitedEast of England
Elemental Concept 2016 LimitedLondon
Elite Capital And Management Services Limited**London
Emission Solutions LimitedLondon
Emoneyhub LimitedNorth West (England)
Encore Technologies LimitedLondon
Engage Technology Partners LimitedSouth East (England)
Enigmatic Smile LtdEast of England
Enro Holdings LimitedLondon
Enteral Access Technologies Ltd**North West (England)
Enternships LimitedLondon
Eosemi LimitedYorkshire and The Humber
Epsilogen LtdLondon
Equilibrium Markets LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Essentia Analytics LTD.London
Eternum LtdLondon
Ethical Angel LimitedLondon
Evendo LtdLondon
Exacttrak LimitedLondon
Executives Place LimitedLondon
Exerceo Training LtdLondon
Eyoto Group LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Facegym Holdings LtdLondon
Fairscore LtdLondon
Fantasy Sports Interactive LimitedLondon
FanTracks Digital LLC*United States
Farillio LimitedLondon
Fenestra Holdings LtdLondon
Field Margin LimitedLondon
Finexos Group Holdings LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Fintuity LimitedLondon
Flower of Life LtdYorkshire and The Humber
Food Freshness Technology Holdings LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Football Ventures (Whites) LimitedNorth West (England)
Footballnet (Global) LimitedLondon
Fosjento Holdings LtdLondon
Friendly Score UK LtdLondon
Fronted Holding LtdLondon
Funderbeam LTD.London
Futuresoft LimitedLondon
Gearbox Records LtdLondon
Gelmetix LimitedNorth West (England)
Gendius LimitedNorth West (England)
Generation Phoenix Limited**East of England
Glint Pay LtdLondon
Global Hospitality & Events Limited**London
Global Property Ventures LimitedEast of England
Grass & Co LimitedEast Midlands (England)
Gravity Co-Living LimitedEast of England
Green Running LimitedSouth West (England)
Greenback Recycling Technologies LimitedLondon
Greengage Global Holding Ltd**London
Greydog Ventures LtdEast of England
Grid Smarter Cities LtdNorth East (England)
GrowUp Group Limited**South West (England)
GSPV LimitedLondon
Gunna Drinks LimitedSouth East (England)
G-Volution LtdLondon
Gymfinity Kids LimitedYorkshire and The Humber
Gyrogear LimitedEast of England
Hackajob LtdLondon
Hadean Supercomputing LtdLondon
Halalbooking LtdLondon
Halo X Ray Technologies LimitedEast Midlands (England)
Happy Drinks Group Limited**North West (England)
Harri Technologies (UK) LimitedLondon
Harvest Farms LtdLondon
Haystack App LimitedNorth East (England)
Hazy LimitedSouth East (England)
Helio Display Materials LimitedYorkshire and The Humber
Helperby Therapeutics Group LimitedLondon
Hexigone Inhibitors LimitedWales
Hey Habito LtdSouth East (England)
Hire Space Website LtdLondon
Hivehr LimitedNorth East (England)
Homehapp LimitedLondon
Homelink Healthcare LimitedLondon
Home-Made UK Properties LimitedLondon
Homeppl LtdLondon
Hostology LimitedLondon
Hoxton Analytics LimitedLondon
HUGHUB LimitedLondon
Hullabalook LtdLondon
Hybrid Access Technologies LimitedEast of England
Hybrid Air Vehicles LimitedEast of England
Hydda LimitedSouth East (England)
Hydro Industries LimitedLondon
Hyperjar LimitedLondon
Iamyiam LimitedLondon
Ieso Digital Health LimitedEast of England
Imagine Mortgages LimitedLondon
Immense Simulations LimitedLondon
Immerse Learning LimitedLondon
Impact Recycling LimitedScotland
Impression Technologies LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Inclusive Finance LimitedLondon
Infabode LtdLondon
Infinitesima LimitedSouth East (England)
Innovate Energy Solutions LTD.London
Innovation World LimitedSouth East (England)
Inotec Amd LimitedEast of England
Inova Design Solutions LtdLondon
Insly LtdLondon
Intelesant LimitedNorth West (England)
Intelligent Data Technologies LimitedSouth East (England)
Invest and Fund LimitedSouth East (England)
Investuk (Group) LimitedLondon
Invincibles Studio Ltd**Yorkshire and The Humber
Invma LimitedEast Midlands (England)
Iotech Systems LimitedNorth East (England)
Iothic LtdEast of England
Iotic Labs LimitedLondon
Istesso LimitedLondon
I'Ve Been Found LtdSouth East (England)
Iventis LtdEast Midlands (England)
Jacuna LtdLondon
JAJA Finance Holding (UK) LimitedLondon
Jiminny Holdings LimitedLondon
Juno Bio LimitedLondon
Juno Legal Holdings LimitedLondon
Justwontdie LtdEast of England
Kadence Inc.**United States
Karamu LimitedLondon
Keepabl LtdLondon
Kelda Showers LimitedSouth East (England)
Kets Quantum Security LtdSouth West (England)
King of Games LimitedNorth West (England)
Kiteedge LtdEast of England
Klevio LtdLondon
Klipboard LimitedLondon
Knoma LtdLondon
Koodoo Financial LimitedLondon
Krispyhouse LtdLondon
Kroo Bank Ltd**London
Krowd LimitedLondon
Kudos Innovations LimitedLondon
Kynd LimitedLondon
Lal Kila Companies LimitedEast of England
Lambda Energy LtdEast of England
Lantum LtdLondon
L'Estrange London LimitedEast Midlands (England)
Lettus Grow LtdSouth West (England)
Leucid Bio LtdEast of England
LGN Innovations, Inc**Wales
Libertine Holdings Plc*Yorkshire and The Humber
Liberty Brewing LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Licentia Group LtdWales
Life In The Cocoon LimitedLondon
Lightful LTD.London
Lightpoint Medical LtdSouth East (England)
Lightwaverf Ltd**West Midlands (England)
Liverpool Chirochem LimitedNorth West (England)
Locate Bio LimitedEast Midlands (England)
Logicdialog Ltd**Wales
Lovecrafts Group LimitedLondon
Lumen Research Ltd*London
Luminous Group LimitedNorth East (England)
Lumity Life Holdings LimitedLondon
Maggie and Rose LimitedLondon
Magnitude Biosciences LimitedNorth East (England)
Maistro LimitedSouth West (England)
Manage My LtdSouth East (England)
Manigo Services LtdLondon
Map of Agriculture Group LTD.North West (England)
Mapstand LimitedLondon
Market Analytics Technology LtdLondon
Market Earlybird LtdLondon
Masabi Group LimitedSouth East (England)
Mashroom LtdNorth West (England)
Matchpint LtdLondon
Maxwellia LtdNorth West (England)
Measure Protocol LimitedLondon
Medherant LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Meniga LimitedLondon
Mercaux, Inc.***United States
Methera Global Communications LimitedLondon
MFP Trading LtdLondon
Miappi LimitedLondon
Micrima LimitedSouth West (England)
Microbiotica LimitedEast of England
Micropore Technologies LtdNorth East (England)
Mindtech Global LimitedYorkshire and The Humber
Mindtrace LimitedNorth West (England)
Minibems Limited*South East (England)
Mirada Medical Group Limited**South East (England)
Mirico LTD.South East (England)
Misfits Health LtdEast of England
Mishipay LTD.London
Mnai Data Solutions LimitedSouth East (England)
Modern Contradiction LimitedLondon
Modulous LimitedLondon
Molinare TV & Film LimitedLondon
Molo Tech LtdLondon
Mom Incubators Ltd**East Midlands (England)
Momentum Bioscience LimitedWales
Monese LtdLondon
Money-4 LimitedLondon
Monolith Ai LimitedLondon
Motorway Online LtdLondon
Multiply Ai LimitedLondon
Muoverti LimitedSouth East (England)
Mura Technology Limited*London
Mursla LimitedLondon
Muso Tnt LimitedLondon
My Personal Therapeutics LtdLondon
My Zero-One Technologies LimitedLondon
MyHealthChecked Plc*Wales
Myonlineschool LtdSouth East (England)
Mysense Group LtdLondon
Nanusens LimitedSouth West (England)
Navitas Group LimitedEast Midlands (England)
NBC Property Master LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Nerre Therapeutics Holdings LimitedEast of England
Netacea Group Limited**North West (England)
Neuro-Bio LtdSouth East (England)
Neurofenix LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Nexus Frontier Tech LimitedLondon
Nhouse Commercial LimitedEast of England
Nineteen21 LimitedLondon
Nomisma Solution LtdLondon
Not In The Guidebooks LimitedLondon
Nova Pangaea (Holdings) LtdNorth East (England)
Novatiq LimitedEast of England
Novocomms LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Novoville LimitedLondon
Nplmarkets LimitedLondon
Nuclera Ltd**East of England
Nude Finance Holdings LimitedLondon
Nurture Brands Ltd*London
Oakbrook Holdings LimitedChannel Islands
Occuity LtdLondon
Ocean Ten Media Ltd**South East (England)
Ocutec LimitedScotland
Odondo LimitedLondon
ODQA Renewable Energy Technologies LimitedLondon
Old St Labs LtdSouth East (England)
Omlis LimitedLondon
Onedome LtdLondon
Oneskee LimitedEast Midlands (England)
Online Giving LtdLondon
Open Utility LtdLondon
OpenDeal Inc*United States
Optellum LtdSouth East (England)
Optimor LimitedEast of England
Organox LimitedLondon
Origami Energy LimitedEast of England
Orka Technology Group LtdNorth West (England)
Orri LtdLondon
O-Teas LimitedLondon
Oto International LimitedLondon
OXECO LIMITED**North West (England)
Oxford Flow LimitedSouth East (England)
Oxford Nanosystems LtdSouth East (England)
Oxford Quantum Circuits LimitedSouth East (England)
Oxular LimitedSouth East (England)
Papercup Technologies LimitedLondon
Pardus Holdings LimitedSouth East (England)
Passby Technologies Limited**London
Pay Later Group LimitedLondon
Paythru LimitedLondon
PBD Biotech LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Pcap LimitedLondon
Peacock Technology Limited*Scotland
Pencil Biosciences LimitedNorth West (England)
Penfold Technology LtdLondon
Peppermint Technology Holdings LimitedEast Midlands (England)
Peratech Holdco LtdYorkshire and The Humber
Perceptual Robotics LimitedSouth West (England)
Perenna Group LimitedLondon
Petagene LtdEast of England
Phaim Pharma LtdLondon
Phlo Technologies LtdScotland
Phlow Zone LtdLondon
Phoenix Product Development LimitedLondon
Photonic Measurements LimitedNorthern Ireland
Pimberly LimitedNorth West (England)
Pipe Technologies, Inc*United States
Planks Clothing LtdNorth West (England)
Playerdata Holdings LimitedScotland
Playjam Holdings LimitedSouth East (England)
Playworks Digital LtdSouth East (England)
Plu&M LimitedLondon
Plum Fintech LimitedLondon
Plumerai LimitedLondon
Plyable LtdSouth East (England)
Pockit LimitedWales
Polecat Intelligence Limited**Republic of Ireland
Pollen + Grace LimitedLondon
Poq Studio LTD.London
Power Roll LimitedNorth East (England)
Powervault LtdLondon
Pragmatic Semiconductor LIMITED**North East (England)
Previse LimitedEast Midlands (England)
Prodigy Investments LimitedLondon
Profinda LimitedLondon
Project Imagine LtdLondon
Project J LtdSouth East (England)
Prokarium Holdings LtdLondon
Proplend LtdLondon
Proportunity LtdLondon
Proscenium Entertainment Group LimitedLondon
Proximity Insight Holdings LimitedSouth East (England)
Pulsiv Limited**East of England
Punchy Drinks LimitedSouth East (England)
Pure Research LimitedSouth East (England)
Purezza Holdings LimitedLondon
Q River LimitedLondon
Qio Technologies LtdSouth East (England)
Qlearsite LimitedLondon
Quality Clouds LtdLondon
Quanta Dialysis Technologies LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Quantum Financial Holdings LimitedLondon
Quantumdx Group LimitedNorth East (England)
Quinola Mothergrain LimitedSouth East (England)
Raffolux LtdLondon
Rainbird Technologies LtdEast of England
Raise Up Group Ltd**London
Reactive Technologies LimitedSouth East (England)
Real Handful LtdNorth West (England)
Real VR LimitedSouth East (England)
Realeyes (Holdings) LimitedLondon
Really Local Group LimitedLondon
Reallyenglish.Com LimitedLondon
Recruitment Smart Technologies LtdLondon
Recyclabox LimitedLondon
Redcloud Technologies LimitedLondon
Residently Holdings LimitedLondon
Respoke LimitedLondon
Restaurant Developments LimitedSouth East (England)
Revoola LtdLondon
Rezolve LimitedLondon
Rhetorik Global LimitedSouth East (England)
Right Revenue LimitedNorthern Ireland
Rightindem LimitedLondon
Rinicare LimitedNorth West (England)
Ripple Energy LimitedLondon
Rise Art LimitedLondon
Riversimple Holding LimitedWales
Rlt International LimitedSouth East (England)
Robin Ai LimitedLondon
Rockabox Media LtdLondon
Roslin Technologies LimitedScotland
Rovco LimitedSouth West (England)
Saas Holdings LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Samson Vti UK LimitedNorth West (England)
Sanitary OWL LtdEast of England
Save Your Wardrobe LTD.East of England
Scoodle LtdLondon
Screencloud LimitedLondon
Screenhits LimitedLondon
Secondmind LimitedLondon
Sensat LtdLondon
Sequence Nutrition LimitedSouth East (England)
Shadow Foundr LtdLondon
Shaping Cloud LtdNorth West (England)
Sheep Included LtdLondon
Shepper LimitedLondon
Shortbite LtdNorth West (England)
Sibelius LtdSouth East (England)
Signal Media LimitedLondon
Silcrow Labs LimitedLondon
Simplestream LimitedLondon
Sine Wave Entertainment LimitedLondon
Sirkka Networks LimitedLondon
Sisaf LtdSouth East (England)
Ski-Lifts LtdNorth West (England)
Skurio LimitedNorthern Ireland
Sky Medical Technology LimitedNorth West (England)
Slingshot Simulations LtdYorkshire and The Humber
Small Robot Company LimitedSouth West (England)
Smart Pension LimitedLondon
Smartbox.AI Limited**London
Smartgate Solutions LimitedYorkshire and The Humber
Smartology LimitedLondon
Smidsy LTD.London
Smilepod Group LimitedSouth East (England)
Sofant Technologies LtdScotland
Solar Options For Schools LimitedEast of England
Solo Coffee LtdLondon
Solo Innovations Ltd**London
Sonicjobs App LtdLondon
Sorted Holdings LimitedNorth West (England)
So-Sure LimitedEast of England
Soter Analytics LtdLondon
Spacious LtdEast of England
Spendology LimitedLondon
SPG Technologies Limited**North West (England)
Spike Global LimitedSouth West (England)
Spill App LtdLondon
Spinview Global LimitedLondon
Spore London Limited*London
Sport Maison LimitedLondon
Sports12 Education LtdLondon
Spring Financial Group LimitedSouth East (England)
Spybiotech LimitedSouth East (England)
Stack Content Discovery LimitedLondon
Startpulsing LimitedLondon
State Of Play Hospitality Limited**London
Steadypay LimitedLondon
Steama Company LimitedNorth West (England)
Step Ladder Solutions LTD.London
Storm Therapeutics LimitedEast of England
Strategic Blue Services LimitedLondon
Summize LimitedNorth West (England)
Supadupa Me LimitedLondon
Sustainability Group Limited**London
Sweep Online LtdLondon
Syndicate Room Group LtdEast of England
Synthace LimitedLondon
SyntheticGestalt KK*Japan
Tagvenue LimitedLondon
Talent Cloud Solutions LimitedLondon
Talentic Ltd**East of England
Taur Technologies LimitedSouth East (England)
TD Tom Davies LimitedLondon
Tecs Group PLCNorth West (England)
Tevva Motors LimitedEast of England
The Artful Baker Ltd**South West (England)
The Big Exchange LimitedLondon
The Brickwork Group LimitedLondon
The Fashion Incubator LimitedSouth East (England)
The Gipsy Hill Brewing Company LTD.London
The Gut Stuff LimitedEast Midlands (England)
The Idco. LimitedScotland
The Lakes Distillery Company PLCNorth East (England)
The Little Car Company LimitedSouth East (England)
The London Interdisciplinary School LtdLondon
The Room Group LimitedLondon
The Shackleton Design and Manufacturing Company LtdEast of England
The Smart Request Company Ltd*South East (England)
The Sure Chill Company LimitedWales
Themis International Services LimitedSouth East (England)
Theolytics LtdSouth East (England)
Thetrianglelab LimitedLondon
Thirdfort LimitedLondon
Thr Venture LtdSouth East (England)
Thrift Retail LtdEast Midlands (England)
Thunderbolt Technology Inc**United States
Tifosy LimitedLondon
Time To Act PLC**North East (England)
Tom and Teddy (Holdings) LimitedSouth West (England)
Ton UK LtdSouth East (England)
Torro Ventures LtdLondon
Tradecore Group LimitedNorth West (England)
Transcend Packaging LimitedWales
Travel Assets Group LimitedSouth East (England)
Traveltime Technologies LtdSouth East (England)
Trenton Holdings LLC*United States
Tribune Group LimitedSouth East (England)
Trident Cloud LimitedEast of England
Trigenex LtdNorth West (England)
TripStax Technologies Limited*North West (England)
Troo LtdNorth East (England)
Tuningbill LimitedLondon
Turnit LimitedLondon
TWYN HOLDINGS LIMITED (Prev - A Singular Life Holdings Limited)**London
Tymit LtdLondon
Ultraleap Holdings LimitedSouth West (England)
Under The Doormat LimitedLondon
Undo LimitedEast of England
Uniphy LimitedYorkshire and The Humber
Uni-Powa Corporation LimitedSouth West (England)
Unwasted LimitedLondon
Usnoop Limited*London
Veloce Esports LimitedLondon
Ventive LtdLondon
Verdel Instruments LtdSouth East (England)
Verso Biosense Group Limited**South East (England)
Vibe Group Holdings LimitedNorth West (England)
Vidivet Limited**North West (England)
Vipr Digital LimitedLondon
Viramal LimitedLondon
Virttrade LtdSouth East (England)
Vizolution Limited*Wales
Volt Technologies Holdings Limited**London
Voxpopme LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Warwick Acoustics LimitedEast Midlands (England)
Watkins Drinks LimitedEast Midlands (England)
Wearex Limited**London
WEJO Group Limited*Bermuda
Welcome To The Fold LimitedLondon
Wheely LtdLondon
Wildanet LimitedSouth West (England)
World Wide Generation LtdLondon
X R Games LimitedYorkshire and The Humber
Yaar Bar LimitedEast of England
Yardlink LtdLondon
Yellow Line Parking LtdLondon
Yellowdog LimitedSouth West (England)
Yordex LtdLondon
Zeelo LimitedEast Midlands (England)
Zelp LtdLondon
Zerolight LimitedNorth East (England)
ZOKU LtdLondon
Zoom Abroad Online LimitedLondon
Zuma Array Holdings LimitedLondon
Zzish LimitedLondon

* Equity Interest held as a result of a sale or IPO in which investors, including the Future Fund, received shares in the acquiring entity as consideration in the transaction. In some cases, the company whose shares we hold following the sale or IPO is registered in a non-UK jurisdiction.

**The names of these companies have changed since the original Future Fund investment. This is a result of the company changing its registered name, or as a result of a group reorganisation (such as the insertion of a new holding company or a demerger). There has been no change in control of these companies as a result of such changes.

***These are overseas companies which received a Future Fund loan under the Non-UK Parent Company variant of the Future Fund scheme. The variant was introduced for companies with a substantial UK presence participating in an Accelerator Programme, the terms of which required the company to incorporate an ultimate parent company in a Non-UK jurisdiction.

Company names: insolvencies

Company nameRegion
Accounts Force LtdLondon
Advanced Digital Innovation (UK) LimitedYorkshire and The Humber
Aerosax Research & Technology LimitedLondon
Afrocenchix LtdLondon
Age Check Certification Services LtdLondon
Aigenpulse LimitedLondon
Akrod LimitedEast of England
Ancon Technologies LimitedLondon
Aplusgroup Property Limited**London
Arjun Technology Ventures LTD.London
Arroe LimitedNorth West (England)
Arthronica LtdLondon
Ask Inclusive Finance Group Holding LimitedLondon
At Pizza LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Avvinity Therapeutics LimitedLondon
Bamboo Systems Group LimitedEast of England
Beyond.Life LtdLondon
Blue Square Utilities LtdNorth East (England)
Bodle Technologies LimitedSouth East (England)
Boiler Plan (UK) LimitedNorth East (England)
Borrow A Boat LtdSouth East (England)
Boxwize LtdLondon
Brook Vegan Foods LimitedLondon
Cambridge Communication Systems LimitedLondon
Catapult Ventures LimitedLondon
Cervest LimitedLondon
Chromosol LimitedLondon
Citi Logik LimitedYorkshire and The Humber
Cleaning Club Trading LimitedYorkshire and The Humber
Clear Factor LimitedLondon
Clearly So LimitedLondon
Clim8 Invest LtdLondon
Cloudiq LimitedLondon
Cogen LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Coino UK LTD.London
Comma Secured Ltd**London
Commercial People LimitedLondon
Concert Live LtdLondon
Connido LtdLondon
Corylos LimitedLondon
Covvered LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Crowdsense LtdLondon
DI Realisations Limited**London
Digme Fitness LimitedLondon
Eastnine Studios LimitedLondon
Edward Milton and Co LtdEast of England
Electroclean Technology Limited**London
Empathic Technologies LTD.South West (England)
Enigma Digital LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Envision&Company LtdLondon
Eris Group LtdYorkshire and The Humber
Evince Technology LimitedYorkshire and The Humber
Evolve Partnership LimitedSouth East (England)
Expandly LimitedEast of England
Falcon Financial Solutions LtdLondon
Farmdrop LimitedLondon
Festicket LtdLondon
Finda Global LimitedLondon
Firecamp LtdLondon
Firetree Chocolate LtdLondon
Fissara LimitedNorth West (England)
Fluidic Analytics LimitedEast of England
Flux Systems LimitedEast of England
Footfalls and Heartbeats (UK) LimitedYorkshire and The Humber
Fore Fitness Investments Holdings LimitedLondon
Foreverhold LimitedSouth East (England)
Forward Clinical LimitedNorth East (England)
Freeformers Holdings LimitedLondon
Generic Robotics LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Global Home Technology LtdLondon
Global Magic Futures LimitedEast of England
Global Stage Engineering LtdLondon
Gobsmack Holdings LimitedEast of England
GreenJinn LtdLondon
Groop LtdSouth East (England)
Groupmove LtdNorth West (England)
Hastee LimitedYorkshire and The Humber
Herddle Group LimitedLondon
Hiber Energy LtdLondon
Hill & Friends LimitedLondon
Human Food LtdWales
Illyrian Power PLCLondon
Individual Protection Solutions Ltd**North West (England)
Intilery.Com LtdNorth West (England)
Investors In Community LimitedYorkshire and The Humber
Isotek Microwave LimitedYorkshire and The Humber
Juggle JOBS LtdSouth East (England)
Kandidate LtdLondon
Kano Computing LimitedLondon
Karakuri LtdLondon
Karus Therapeutics LimitedLondon
Kraydel LimitedNorthern Ireland
Kuber Ventures LimitedLondon
Lake Parime LimitedLondon
London Resort Company Holdings LimitedLondon
Machine Labs LimitedScotland
Macrophage Pharma LimitedLondon
Marcel For Art LtdSouth East (England)
Meerson Editions LimitedLondon
Metis Labs LimitedSouth East (England)
Mettrr Technologies LimitedLondon
Money Concierge LtdSouth East (England)
Moodbeam LimitedYorkshire and The Humber
Mr Lee's Pure Foods Co. LtdLondon
MRS Wordsmith LimitedLondon
MV App Holdings LimitedLondon
MYFIX Apps LimitedLondon
MyWorld Inc.**United States
Nemesis Bioscience LtdLondon
Nimble Babies LimitedLondon
Nurvv Group LimitedLondon
Nutraformis LimitedLondon
O&C LtdSouth East (England)
Oddsbods LtdSouth East (England)
Onto Holdings Limited**West Midlands (England)
Oxford Highq LtdSouth West (England)
Oxsight LtdLondon
Paragon Hospitality LtdNorth West (England)
Pass Technology Group LimitedNorth West (England)
People Matter Technology LtdLondon
Promomii LimitedLondon
Proquo Ai LimitedLondon
Proxismart LtdYorkshire and The Humber
Pureclarity Technologies LimitedYorkshire and The Humber
Push Dr LimitedNorth West (England)
Pycom LtdSouth East (England)
Quimera Energy LimitedLondon
Quin Technology LtdNorth West (England)
Radio Physics Solutions LtdSouth West (England)
Recycling Technologies Group PLC**London
Red Rickshaw LimitedLondon
Repositive LimitedEast of England
Resolving LimitedSouth East (England)
Roli LTD.London
Roscomar LtdSouth East (England)
Rubix Cubed Recycling Limited**South East (England)
Saberr LimitedEast Midlands (England)
Sandcroft Avenue LimitedNorth West (England)
Semantic Business Services LtdEast of England
Sentor Solutions Commercial LtdSouth East (England)
Smartxpo Holdings LimitedLondon
Sort Holdings LtdLondon
Spinetic Energy LimitedSouth East (England)
Spring Chicken Direct LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Staels Design LtdScotland
Starleaf LtdLondon
Sterling Suffolk LimitedEast of England
Streetteam Software LimitedWest Midlands (England)
Supplycompass LtdSouth East (England)
Synapse Information LimitedEast Midlands (England)
Tappit Technologies (UK) LTD.Yorkshire and The Humber
Tea Venture LimitedNorth East (England)
Technology Will Save Us LimitedLondon
Ten80 Group LtdSouth East (England)
Terralogix Group LtdNorth East (England)
Tether Technology LimitedWest Midlands (England)
The Allbright Group LimitedLondon
The Chemistry Group (Holdings) LimitedLondon
The New Craftsmen LimitedSouth West (England)
The Rattle LtdSouth East (England)
THREAD, INC.***United States
Trim-It Services LtdLondon
Typhon Treatment Systems LtdNorth West (England)
Underpinned LtdWest Midlands (England)
Upside Capital LtdLondon
User Replay LimitedSouth East (England)
Vesta OML Limited**London
Weswap.Com LimitedLondon
Wireless Network Developments (UK) LimitedSouth East (England)
WP Realisations 2022 LTD**North West (England)
Zapaygo Holding Limited**West Midlands (England)
Zero Carbon Farms Ltd**London
Zipabout LimitedWest Midlands (England)

Companies removed from the list of equity interests

Company NameReason for Removal
1854 Media LimitedRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
Advanced Digital Innovation (UK) LimitedInsolvency
Alcuris LtdRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
Arjun Technology Ventures LTD.Insolvency
Boiler Plan (UK) LimitedInsolvency
Borrow A Boat LtdInsolvency
Boxwize LtdInsolvency
Cambridge Communication Systems LimitedInsolvency
Car and Classic Holdings LtdRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
Cervest LimitedInsolvency
Clim8 Invest LtdInsolvency
Cloud 8 LimitedRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
Content Calendr LimitedRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
Edge Retreats LimitedRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
Expandly LimitedInsolvency
Faradion LimitedRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
Fluidic Analytics LimitedInsolvency
Global Home Technology LtdInsolvency
Gobsmack Holdings LimitedInsolvency
Intechnica Holdings LimitedRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
Juggle JOBS LtdInsolvency
Kano Computing LimitedInsolvency
Karus Therapeutics LimitedInsolvency
Libryo LtdRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
Magic Carpet Ai LimitedRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
MyWorld Inc.Insolvency
Ndreams LimitedRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
Nimble Babies LimitedInsolvency
Onto Holdings LimitedInsolvency
Passfort LimitedRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
Prix LtdRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
Pycom LtdInsolvency
Quin Technology LtdInsolvency
QUSH HOLDINGS LIMITEDRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
Red Rickshaw LimitedInsolvency
Secret Group LimitedRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
Sort Holdings LtdInsolvency
Stagedoor App UK LimitedRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
Streetteam Software LimitedInsolvency
Synapse Information LimitedInsolvency
Syrinix LimitedRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
The Cambridge Satchel Company LimitedRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
The Doctors Clinic Group LtdRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
The New Craftsmen LimitedInsolvency
THREAD, INC.Insolvency
Underpinned LtdInsolvency
Urbanthings LimitedRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
Vaix LimitedRecategorisation from Equity Interest to Cash Realisation
Zero Carbon Farms LtdInsolvency

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