Future Fund

Scheme overview

The Future Fund is a government scheme to support UK-based companies ranging from £125,000 to £5 million, subject to at least equal match funding from private investors. The scheme, alongside other Government support schemes, aims to support companies facing financing difficulties due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The Future Fund scheme is being delivered by the British Business Bank.

The Future Fund scheme has now closed for new applicants. The online portal will remain open for Investee companies with legally completed CLAs to submit information and MI for portfolio monitoring purposes. FAQs and additional guidance on the support page is available to help you with the reporting and notification process.

Previous FAQs and application guidance has been archived and can be found on the support page.

The Bank will update the list of companies in which the Future Fund retains an equity interest at the end of every financial quarter.

Information we capture

As part of the application process, we will collect information about the investors and the companies. We will use the information we collect to monitor the allocation of funds by the Future Fund and ensure that funds are allocated to eligible companies. We reserve the right to share all data for research purposes with other Government departments and agencies acting on our behalf. We will also collect some personal information about key individuals.

See our privacy policy for further details on how we look after and use your personal data.

Other business finance support

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Recovery Loan Scheme
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A tribunal hearing took place at the end of November 2022 following requests under the Freedom of Information Act for disclosure of information regarding borrowers under various Covid-19 loan schemes.

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