UK Government launches EU Exit business website

Press release 08 January 2019

The UK Government has launched a new EU Exit business website, designed to help UK businesses prepare for the UK leaving the European Union.

The website features a simple tool which enables you to find out:

• what your business will need to do to prepare for the UK leaving the EU
• what’s changing in your industry
• information on specific rules and regulations

Other sources of information are available for businesses, including business representative organisations and trade bodies.

Visit the EU Exit business website

What will you be asked about?

Alongside questions about your business sector and whether you do business abroad, you will also be asked about your employees, the personal data you hold, intellectual property, EU or UK government funding and whether you sell products or services to the public sector.

Once you’ve completed the tool, you will be served a number of useful guides and information – based on your answers – designed to help you prepare for an EU exit.