How we invest

Co-investing in advanced technologies

NSSIF invests commercially in advanced technology firms, alongside other investors, to support long-term equity investment, or ‘patient capital’. Because we co-invest, every pound we invest is leveraged by private investment.

Our investment process brings together expertise from the worlds of technology, venture capital, government, national security and defence.

Building long-term partnerships

We form long-term partnerships with firms of strategic interest to the UK, and those where we have – or can foresee – demand from our national security and defence customers.

We focus on the strategic potential of technology businesses, especially where there may be dual-use capabilities or where we can strengthen the UK’s technology ecosystem.

We make investments through British Patient Capital, a commercial subsidiary of the British Business Bank, and the Bank’s Enterprise Capital Funds programme, as well as British Technology Investments Ltd, which enables NSSIF to invest directly.

Our investment partners include a select group of leading venture investment funds.

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