The National Security Strategic Investment Fund

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The National Security Strategic Investment Fund (NSSIF), the government’s corporate venturing arm for dual-use advanced technologies, is a joint initiative between HM Government and British Business Bank.

NSSIF invests commercially in advanced technology firms alongside co-investors, supporting long-term equity investment – ‘patient capital’ – and harnesses the government’s unique technology expertise. Its objectives include accelerating the adoption of HMG’s future national security and defence capabilities and the development of the UK’s dual-use technology ecosystem.

It makes investments through British Patient Capital, a commercial subsidiary of the British Business Bank, and the Bank’s Enterprise Capital Funds programme, as well as British Technology Investments Ltd, which enables NSSIF to invest directly. At Spending Review 2020, the Government increased resources for NSSIF by an additional £70m.

Areas of Interest

1. Audio and Visual Processing – Technologies to enable the capture, recording and analysis of audio and visual data.

2. Commercial Space, Platforms and Robotics – Low cost of deployment technologies for transporting sensor payloads into challenging environments.

3. Computational Behavioural Analysis – Technologies to enable the automated inference of human behaviours at scale.

4. Cyber Security – Technologies to enhance and defend.

5. Data Analytics and A.I. – Technologies and tools for interactive data transformation and exploitation and to enable analysts to work more efficiently.

6. Financial Technologies – Technologies which enable the tracking of financial information.

7. Identity Technologies – Technologies that highlight or obscure identifying information about individuals and groups.

8. IOT and the Evolving Environment – Technologies that help understand the local environment or deliver a step change in infrastructure.

9. Novel Data Transport – Technologies to move data securely and without detection between geographical locations.

10. Sensors, novel materials and power sources – Technologies and novel manufacture to enable operations.

11. Quantum Technologies – Novel technologies and techniques, viable in commercially exploitable timescales.

12. Biological and Medical Technologies – Technologies and techniques with national security implications, including to detect, manage and mitigate biosecurity risks.

How can I apply to manage an NSSIF fund investment?