Guide to managing business debt

It’s fair to say that the last 18 months have been challenging for everyone across the UK, small businesses and business owners included.

The severe impact of the Covid-19 pandemic sent many businesses into survival mode, where the priority was finding ways to overcome the enforced closures, the lockdowns and the financial hardship that the spread of coronavirus brought.

For some businesses, this remains a priority.

While it’s true that survival is still on some businesses’ minds, others have been able to recover and can now look positively towards the future.

We’ve designed this guide to provide impartial information to help businesses through survival and onto recovery, helping them stabilise and move forward to growth and future success.

We’ve focused on the following areas:

We’ve produced the contents of this guide with contributions from Be the Business, an independent, not-for-profit organisation whose goal is to help business owners and leaders improve their businesses’ performance.

Chapter 1: Understanding debt finance

Chapter 2: Managing debt

Chapter 3: Improving your cash flow

Chapter 4: Moving from survival to recovery to growth

Chapter 5: Useful resources

Please note that this guide and the content provided is for information purposes only. The guide is not intended to provide advice (including legal, financial, tax or other professional advice). You should always get professional or specialist advice before doing anything on the basis of the content contained within this guide.

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