Dealing with debt

If your business is having difficulty with debt, there are various things you can do to make yourself more resilient.

Guide to managing business debt

We’ve designed this guide to provide impartial information to help businesses through survival and onto recovery, helping them stabilise and move forward to growth and future success.

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Guide to managing business debt

If your business is struggling to deal with its debt, there may be business finance or supportLink opens in a new window available to you.

In these cases, it’s important to assess your financial situation and seek expert, independent advice.

Can't repay your Bounce Back Loan?

Find out about Pay As You Grow options, available to you if you can’t afford to pay back your Bounce Back Loan.

Can’t afford to pay your rent? What are your options?

If your business is struggling to pay rent, there are options available to help relieve the financial burden and release your cash flow. Find out what they are.

Dealing with tax arrears

Your business may be able to negotiate additional time to pay its tax debts with HM Revenue & Customs. Learn how to make these arrangements.

Struggling with debt? Why you should talk to your lender

In this article, we explain the different areas to focus on as you prepare to discuss your request for finance to your bank or other lender.

How an accountant can help manage your debt

Find out how hiring a qualified accountant can help make your business more efficient, especially when it comes to managing your debt.

What can you do if your business is in debt?

If your business is having financial issues, learn some simple steps you can take right now to tackle and manage your debt.

7 ways to reduce your business debt

Learn what methods you can employ to deal with your business' debt, including consolidating loans, cutting costs, applying for grants, and restructuring.

10 practical steps to help resolve debt problems

Your business should be prepared to act quickly to resolve issues around debt. Find out 10 ways to tackle or restructure debt, or avoid it completely.

Consolidating and refinancing business debt

Knowing how to manage debt is a vital element of operating a business. Consolidation and refinancing are two separate approaches to restructuring your business’ debt.

Managing bankruptcy

Without proper debt management, a business can more easily fail and force owners to declare bankruptcy. Read more about what it means to be made bankrupt and the options you have if the worst should happen.

Good debt versus bad debt

Understanding the difference between 'good' and 'bad' debt can help business planning and ensure that debt is used actively for growth.

What level of debt is healthy for a business?

Taking on too much debt can restrict your company’s ability to operate flexibly, leaving you open to financial problems if revenues fall or interest rates rise.

Can your business be turned around?

If your business is struggling with financial issues, you need to know what to do and where to get advice. Learn more in this article.

What is private credit?

Learn how private credit works, the different types, and how lenders decide whether to borrow. Find out whether it is suitable for your business.

What is EBITDA? A brief guide for small businesses

Learn more about the EBITDA method – what it is, and how banks use it to assess whether your business is able to pay back its debts.

What is cash flow and how do you manage it?

Learn what cash flow is, why it matters, how to manage it so your business can better succeed, and the benefits of a cash flow forecast.

How to create a cash flow forecast in 4 steps

Want to know how to create a cash flow forecast for your business? Learn the four simple steps needed to build your own cash flow forecast.

Establishing a cash culture

Finance isn’t just the responsibility of your finance team. Learn how to make it a fundamental part of your culture and the benefits your business could feel as a result.

8 ways to improve negotiations with your bank

If you have cash flow issues, consider what your bank can do to help. Learn some valuable tips, including the importance of talking to your bank as soon as you have debt.

How to deal with late payments

Late payments are a common problem for many small businesses. Learn how effective credit control measures can help you deal with late-paying debtors.

How to get free debt advice for your business

A useful list of resources for advice and guidance around business debt.

Debt information and resources for businesses

If your business is in debt, there is information and support available to help you try and remedy the situation. Find out more here.

Business Debtline Link opens in a new window

A charity that gives businesses free and independent advice on dealing with debt.

UK Finance Link opens in a new window

Guidance and advice on dealing with debt, from the organisation that represents the UK's banking and finance industry.

Advice NI – Business Debt Service Link opens in a new window

Free tailored, independent and impartial advice on debt for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies in Northern Ireland.

StepChange – debt charity Link opens in a new window

Debt advice for self-employed people and sole traders.

Small Business Commissioner (SBC) Link opens in a new window

The SBC is an independent public body the Government created to tackle late payment and unfavourable payment practices in the UK's private sector.

FSB Debt Recovery Link opens in a new window

A debt recovery service for members of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). Find out what the service offers and what membership entails.

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Securing funds and controlling debt

Funding can be critical to keeping a business afloat and positioning it for long-term success, especially in uncertain financial times.

But, knowing the right place to turn to for guidance can be a challenge.

With tips on everything from debt and equity financing to accessing Community Development Finance Institutions, our Guide to Building Business Resilience could help your business prepare for the future.