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Building up resilience

Making your business as resilient as possible can be the key to its survival during challenging times.

Your business’ resilience is never tested more than during challenging economic circumstances.

Building a more resilient business, with more resilient processes, can be the difference between surviving and going under.

We’ve outlined some tips and steps to take to build your resilience and diversify your processes, services and offering.

Guide to building business resilience

Designed to help smaller businesses reduce their costs, the Guide to building business resilience can help you boost the profitability and resilience of your business.

Listen to our podcast on building business resilience

The past year has been particularly challenging for UK businesses, rising energy costs and interest rates, supply chain disruption, weaker consumer confidence and labour shortages have eaten into profits and caused uncertainty about the future.

So how can businesses build their resilience to stay on top of the ever-changing economic landscape? This podcast series of interviews with smaller business owners will explore just that.

Building Business Resilience Webinar

Learn more about:

  • Practical steps to build strength and resilience for challenging times.
  • The importance of researching the finance options for your business.
  • Structuring your cost base to protect cash flow.
  • Employing the right people at the right time.
  • Managing supplier relationships.

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