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A man using patented technology to conduct a soil and water health screening

FA Bio (formerly Fungi Alert)

Partner: Sussex Place Ventures
Region: South East
Location: Rothamsted
Programme: Enterprise Capital Funds

FA Bio is developing sustainable farming solutions that can replace or enhance chemical inputs. Based at Rothamsted Research Centre in Harpenden, FA Bio is using a unique microbial sampling technology that selectively collects samples from fields and uses them to derive potential bio-products.

FA Bio is building a database of the soil microbes which it is using to develop biofungicides and biofertilisers for agricultural markets. The SporSenZ technology is the first in-the-field sensor to sample microorganisms in soil and in water.

In December 2017 founders Angela de Manzanos and Kerry O’Donnelly Weaver raised FA Bio’s first funding round, led by Sussex Place Ventures, to undertake extensive field trials. SporSenZ was then launched in January 2019.

During 2021, FA Bio raised a further seed round to grow the team and support further product development and commercialisation of the SporSenZ technology.

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