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Logo: Congenica


Partner: Amadeus Capital Partners
Region: East of England
Location: Hinxton, Cambridge
Programme: Enterprise Capital Funds

Congenica is a digital health company whose software is helping to revolutionise how diseases are characterised and diagnosed.

By analysing the human genome – that’s around three billion base pairs of DNA that make up the entire set of human chromosomes – the company’s platform allows health professionals to collect, interpret and understand health data in enormous detail, transforming the health and wellness of people around the world.

New funding from Amadeus Capital Partners has allowed Congenica to build on an established foundation in rare disease and expand its platform into new areas, such as somatic cancer.

Attracting international investors such as Tencent has meant the company is now able to focus its strategy worldwide.

Noah Konig, Head of Marketing at Congenica, said: “We now have the funds to expand globally, while also validating our market-leading genomic analysis platform and making significant strategic progress as we continue to deliver genomic medicine at scale.”

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