Sherbet Taxis

Success Story 03 July 2024

Sherbet Taxis are London's leading eco-friendly electric taxi company, who aim to build a stronger and healthier city with their iconic black taxis.

Region/Nation London
Sector Consumer Goods & Services
Programme ENABLE Funding

Sherbet’s vision is to offer the most future proofed version of the world famous London Black Taxi and make it relevant for the modern city and passenger. Sherbet Taxis have accessed c. £930k of finance through Simply Asset Finance via the ENABLE Funding programme. 

A man stands in front of a black cab with the branding Sherbet Taxis

Their relationship commenced in December 2021 as Simply Asset Finance helped Sherbet Taxis to recover after the Covid-19 pandemic, which had a significant impact on the black cab industry. All of Simply’s funding has been used to provide Sherbet Taxis with their electric LEVC black cabs, as they have replaced their diesel fleet.