Lucky Saint

Success Story 17 June 2024

Lucky Saint is one of the UK’s leading alcohol-free brands. Inspired by German alcohol production in Bavaria, the brand has provided alcohol-free beverages to thousands of bars, restaurants and pubs since 2016.

Region/Nation London
Sector Consumer Goods & Services
Programme Enterprise Capital Funds

In January 2020, the brand launched its draught beer, Superior Unfiltered Lager and five years later, it introduced an IPA, called Superior Hazy IPA.

This journey culminated in the Lucky Saint pub in Marylebone, London which opened in 2023, providing both alcohol-free and alcoholic drinks.

lucky saint brand

Lucky Saint completed a Series A funding round with JamJar Investments, supported by the Bank’s Enterprise Capital Funds programme. This capital allowed the business to grow its team and provided the funding to open the Lucky Saint pub.

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