Smaller businesses and the transition to net zero infographic

Smaller businesses estimated to account for


of all UK business-driven emissions

Smaller businesses are mostly at the early stages of transition


are yet to implement a decarbonisation strategy

but 94%

of smaller businesses said they have taken at least one action to reduce their emissions

Awareness is becoming significant, although attitudes are split


of smaller businesses are aware of the government’s commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050


of smaller businesses state carbon reduction is a high or very high priority


are not yet ready to prioritise decarbonisation

Barriers are multiple, complex, and business specific


cited costs as a barrier for reducing carbon emissions including upfront costs, with smaller businesses identifying more than 20 barriers preventing actions on net zero


cited feasibility, such as lack of control due to tenancy agreements or lack of an appropriate technology


cited lack of information

Finance as an enabler to net zero transition



of smaller businesses have accessed external finance to support net zero actions so far, equating to 700k businesses


are prepared to access external finance to support net zero actions in the next five years, equating to 1.3m businesses