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Data as of 09 July 2024.

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BBB Contract RefContract: Contract NameTeamSupplierTotal Contract ValueDuration (months)Total No. ExtensionsRemaining ExtensionsStart DateEnd Date
BBI - C0883Block Discount AdministrationBBIVIRTUAL LEASE SERVICES LIMITED245000601001/01/202031/12/2024
BBI - C1415Investment Management Agreement (Newable Ventures)BBINewable Ventures Limited500001800024/11/202023/11/2035
BBI - C1997Capital and Investment Administration Services - M&G (Alter Domus)BBIAlter Domus Agency Services (UK) Ltd46400240019/07/202318/07/2025
BBI - C1998Capital and Investment Administration Services - Kingsway(Alter Domus)BBIAlter Domus Agency Services (UK) Ltd57000240019/07/202318/07/2025
BBI - C1999Capital and Investment Administration Services - IGF (Alter Domus)BBIAlter Domus Agency Services (UK) Ltd36000240019/07/202318/07/2025
BBI - C2256Services for Shire Exp CapBBICitibank Europe Plc, UK Branch15000120001/04/202431/03/2025
BPC - C2028Patent and clinical trial searching softwareBPCPatSnap (UK) Ltd34999.99120011/09/202310/09/2024
BPC - C2269BPC Relationship Intelligence CRM PlatformBPCProject Affinity, Inc66292.8240030/06/202429/06/2026
CEO - C2117Opening up the investment pipeline of the BBBCEO OfficeErnst & Young LLP2000000111126/01/202431/12/2024
CHA - C1518Project Analysts - Change (Grayce)ChangeGrayce Group Limited2340000361021/03/202221/03/2025
CHA - C2249Change Consultancy SupportChangeStrategic Change Partners Limited75000140001/05/202430/06/2025
CHA - C2261PMO Analyst Contractor Recruitment FY24/25ChangeFDM Group Limited74880100010/06/202431/03/2025
DMO - C2133Dapian SystemData Management OfficeCoalescent Limited49800120027/02/202426/02/2025
ES - C1299Covid 19 CBILS & CLBILS Evaluation 2021 - 2023II: EconomicsLondon Economics Limited1206257441029/04/202131/12/2024
ES - C1313Covid 19 Future Fund Evaluation 2021 -2024II: EconomicsRSM UK Consulting LLP437440120331021/05/202131/03/3025
ES - C1787Climate Clarity WorkshopsII: EconomicsClimate Clarity CIC75000220031/10/202201/09/2024
ES - C2022Debt Funds Evaluation - NEWII: EconomicsSQW Limited145756.25121106/09/202305/09/2024
ES - C20383 Evaluations - EnableII: EconomicsRSM UK Consulting LLP240480.79121122/09/202321/09/2024
ES - C20393 Evaluations - Start Up LoansII: EconomicsSQW Limited179471121122/09/202321/09/2024
ES - C2116UK Equity On-line Data PortalII: EconomicsBeauhurst (Business Funding Research Ltd)7500090016/11/202315/08/2024
ES - C2236Database API Feed and international VC deals APIII: EconomicsPitchbook Data Ltd190000240031/03/202430/03/2026
ES - C2265Venture Capital Financial Returns Data Provider 2024II: EconomicsPreqin Ltd60300120001/06/202431/05/2025
ESG - C2155Venture ESGEnvironmental Social GovernanceVenture ESG Ltd35000120009/08/202302/08/2024
F - C0719Government Procurement CardsFinanceBarclays Bank Plc0841001/05/201901/05/2026
F - C1342Finance SystemFinanceAccess UK LTD880290362113/07/202112/07/2024
F - C1374Tax Computations & Accountancy ServicesFinanceErnst & Young LLP291500351001/09/202131/07/2024
F - C1592Distributed Data Discovery Tool RFI and CFFinanceAssociated Interim Management Limited97000240001/03/202328/02/2025
F - C1613Production of BBB's Annual Reports and Accounts 2022/2025FinanceRed Stone Design Limited489045241118/07/202217/07/2024
F - C1773Business TravelFinanceCorporate Travel Management (North) Ltd900000240031/01/202330/01/2025
F - C1881eFront Invest - Middle Office Portfolio Management SystemFinanceeFront Ltd89000036 001/04/202331/03/2026
F - C1967Compliance Catalyst - CC2 - 2023 onwardsFinanceBureau Van Dijk Electronic Publishing Limited892199241101/07/202330/06/2025
F - C1972Accounts Production SoftwareFinanceWolters Kluwer (UK) Limited11780120017/07/202316/07/2024
F - C2015Fame Subscription 2023 onwardsFinanceBureau Van Dijk Electronic Publishing Limited67308.33241001/08/202331/07/2025
F - C2018ICIT - Consultancy supportFinanceICIT Business Intelligence Ltd25000120015/08/202314/08/2024
F - C2045ID&V SaaSFinanceGB Group PLC21500170001/11/202331/03/2025
F - C2219eFront Implementation Planning - Phase 2FinanceHolland Mountain Group31200120005/04/202431/03/2025
FM - C1429Confidential Waste Removal SCHFacilities ManagementDatashredders Limited11000351001/11/202130/09/2024
FM - C1494Cleaning for 8SS Office (London)Facilities ManagementRegent Office Care Limited138000362001/02/202231/01/2025
FM - C17918SS Maintenance Contract - 23/24Facilities ManagementCBRE Managed Services Limited70000240001/04/202331/03/2025
FM - C1895Office Plant Hire - 8 Salisbury SquareFacilities ManagementPlant Plan Ltd15596.88360020/05/202319/05/2026
FM - C1910Courier ServicesFacilities ManagementCitySprint (UK) Ltd90000241126/05/202325/05/2025
FM - C1953Cleaning Services for Steel City House, SheffieldFacilities ManagementRegent Office Care Limited119851181101/08/202331/01/2025
FM - C19668SS Rent Review 2023Facilities ManagementSavills (UK) Limited30000181001/07/202327/12/2024
FM - C2002Office Catering Services SCH 2023-24Facilities ManagementPJ Taste Holdings Limited30000120018/08/202317/08/2024
FM - C2026Catering for 8SS OfficeFacilities ManagementBerkeley Catering Limited75000120006/09/202305/09/2024
FM - C2027Business Rates: Review/Appeal 8 Salisbury SquareFacilities ManagementSavills (UK) Limited20000310001/09/202331/03/2026
FM - C2128Stationery and Office SuppliesFacilities ManagementBanner Group Limited80000242211/01/202410/01/2026
FM - C2190Business Travel Insurance Policy - 24/25 REPFacilities ManagementAON UK LTD2019120001/04/202431/03/2025
FM - C2260SCH Maintenance Services - REPFacilities ManagementCPP FM & Projects Ltd50000120001/06/202431/05/2025
GWS - C1260Calculation Agent - ENABLE Guarantee pipeline (UTB)GWSCitibank, National Association70000840029/03/202128/03/2028
GWS - C1454COVID ECL & Loss Claims File (Dec 2021)GWSExperian Limited2316000362104/01/202231/12/2024
GWS - C1466Securitisation/Back-up servicer and services to the Enable Funding ProgrammeGWSVIRTUAL LEASE SERVICES LIMITED4900001201003/03/201503/03/2025
GWS - C1573Fleetbank Funding (BDO & Intertrust Management)GWSIntertrust Management Limited2950001200013/04/201513/04/2025
GWS - C1574Calculation Agent for Enable FundingGWSCitibank, National Association1000001800023/02/201522/02/2030
GWS - C1657Calculation Agent for Hampshire TrustGWSCitibank, National Association58000280008/09/202231/12/2024
GWS - C1766Calculation Agent for a DF Capital Bank (?DFC?) ENABLE GuaranteeGWSCitibank, National Association41000330018/01/202331/10/2025
GWS - C1824Calculation Agent for a Cambridge and Counties Bank (?CCB?) ENABLE GuaranteeGWSCitibank, National Association56000660016/03/202330/09/2028
GWS - C1825Calculation Agent for Cynergy (Project Halloumi) ENABLE GuaranteeGWSCitibank, National Association51000600015/03/202331/03/2028
GWS - C1873Operational Review ServicesGWSDBRS Ratings Limited170000360001/05/202330/04/2026
GWS - C1993Guarantee & Wholesale Solutions platform supportGWSCaci Limited51200202101/08/202331/03/2025
GWS - C2029Direct Debit collection service for the EFG Guarantee FeeGWSRSM 2000 Limited15000120001/10/202330/09/2024
GWS - C2034Data Administration for ENABLE GuaranteeGWSEuropean DataWarehouse Ltd60000120018/09/202317/09/2024
GWS - C2057Calculation Agent for Oxbury BankGWSCitibank, National Association850001791020/10/202330/09/2038
GWS - C2071Calculation Agent - Project Hedwig 3GWSCitibank, National Association66000320010/11/202320/07/2026
GWS - C2141Guarantees Portal - SupportGWSThoughtbot Limited1360800120001/03/202428/02/2025
GWS - C2186Expected Credit Loss & Claims ModellingGWS4most (Europe) Limited6680000361101/04/202431/03/2027
HR - C1461LinkedIn - Recruitment ServicesHRLinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company207757361020/12/202119/12/2024
HR - C1498TPI Provision of Leadership Training cohorts 1-5HRTransform People International Ltd48500300001/03/202231/08/2024
HR - C1607Online Employee Benefits PlatformHREdenRed (uk group) Limited100000361101/03/202228/02/2025
HR - C1636DM Programme ? Workday Adaptive PlanningHRWorkday Limited369200362106/09/202105/09/2024
HR - C1755Executive Pipeline Development training courseHRMK-LF Partnership Limited35000240005/01/202303/01/2025
HR - C1767BVCA Investment TrainingHRThe British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association75000201023/01/202330/09/2024
HR - C1793Background Screening and Vetting ServicesHRVerifile Limited75000241120/02/202319/02/2025
HR - C1795Kaplan Financial TrainingHRKaplan Financial Limited40000240027/02/202326/02/2025
HR - C1816CFA Study Aids & ExamsHRCFA Institute20000240010/03/202309/03/2025
HR - C1820Employee Engagement SurveyHRPeople Insight Limited35100230001/02/202331/12/2024
HR - C1835Applicant Tracking SystemHRThe Infuse Group Limited74500360027/03/202326/03/2026
HR - C1863Permanent Recruitment - HaysHRHays Specialist Recruitment Limited350000241101/02/202331/01/2025
HR - C1864Permanent Recruitment - Michael PageHRMichael Page International Recruitment Limited350000360014/04/202313/04/2026
HR - C1906Recruitment for RiskHRThe Fiser Group Limited75000241001/06/202331/05/2025
HR - C1927HR SystemHRAccess UK LTD242000121113/07/202312/07/2024
HR - C1950Woman in Banking & finance PartnershipHRWomen in Banking and Finance Limited11080180022/06/202331/12/2024
HR - C1968Corporate Governance recruitmentHRBarclay Simpson25000120017/07/202316/07/2024
HR - C1992Occupational Health ServicesHRSpire Occupational Health Limited25000120001/09/202331/08/2024
HR - C2013DEI Focused Online Job Advertising PlatformHRVercida Limited10000120031/07/202330/07/2024
HR - C2037Presentation SkillsHRHemsley Fraser Group Ltd25000120019/07/202318/07/2024
HR - C2042Global Grading System SubscriptionHRTowers Watson Limited15600360012/09/202311/09/2026
HR - C2060Senior Leader ApprenticeshipHRUniversity of Reading14000360018/09/202317/09/2026
HR - C2065Team Profiles and WorkshopsHRInfinite You Limited75000240001/09/202331/08/2025
HR - C2134Salary Benchmarking RenewalHRMclagan (Aon) Ltd46180120019/02/202418/02/2025
HR - C2136Executive Self-Coaching ProgramHRThe Tallents Partnership Limited16995240005/03/202404/03/2026
HR - C2149Mandatory training catalogueHRLearning Pool Limited73926.88240001/05/202430/04/2026
HR - C2162MET Team RecruitmentHREllwood Atfield Limited25000120028/03/202431/03/2025
HR - C2163Recruitment for internal compliance directorHRMichael Page International Recruitment Limited12000120001/04/202431/03/2025
HR - C2180Online Learning Portal ContractHRLinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company91875181131/03/202430/09/2025
HR - C2242IT Team Online Learning - REPHRQA Limited210000241110/05/202409/05/2026
HR - C2243Team Effectiveness WorkshopsHRTrue Colours Limited75000120030/04/202429/04/2025
HR - C2254Multi Role Temporary RecruitmentHRRandstad Solutions Limited3000000121120/05/202419/05/2025
HR - C2263Outplacement SupportHRLee Hecht Harrison Penna Limited50000360021/10/202220/10/2025
HR - C2268Coaching SupportHRDevelopment Group International Ltd25000120028/06/202427/06/2025
InfoSec - C1492Penetration Testing and Cyber Security ServicesInformation SecurityNettitude Ltd395000362002/02/202231/01/2025
InfoSec - C1969Security Scorecard - Cybersecurity Risk Ratings PlatformInformation SecuritySomerford Associates Ltd80500121117/07/202316/07/2024
InfoSec - C2235Server Room Organisation ProjectInformation SecurityGP Communications Ltd1773330029/04/202431/07/2024
InfoSec - C2275Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) - REPInformation SecurityCYSIAM Limited429161242204/07/202403/07/2026
ITServDel - C1608End User Support and Infrastructure and Server ServicesIT Infrastructure & OperationsXMA Ltd2556383362212/07/202211/07/2025
ITServDel - C1671Experian Data Management with Aperture Data StudioIT Infrastructure & OperationsExperian Limited228000240030/09/202229/09/2024
ITServDel - C1822Hosting Service to BBB IntranetIT Infrastructure & OperationsAgento Digital Ltd20880241001/01/202331/12/2024
ITServDel - C2012WPS LicencesIT Infrastructure & OperationsAltair Engineering Limited74177120001/09/202331/08/2024
ITServDel - C2100Various (Non-Microsoft) IT Software (STBC)IT Infrastructure & OperationsCDW Limited75000120015/12/202314/12/2024
ITServDel - C2108Click PrintIT Infrastructure & OperationsCDW Limited75000600015/12/202014/12/2025
ITServDel - C2154Various (Non-Microsoft) IT SoftwareIT Infrastructure & OperationsCDW Limited190049.82240015/03/202414/03/2026
ITServDel - C2247Various (Non-Microsoft) IT SoftwareIT Infrastructure & OperationsCDW Limited90664.92120022/03/202421/03/2025
ITServDel - C2264Various (Non-Microsoft) IT SoftwareIT Infrastructure & OperationsCDW Limited247178.04120017/06/202416/06/2025
ITTecDel - C1360Jira Workflows and Atlassian Support - IT ConsultancyIT Technology DeliveryAutomation Consultants325000362004/08/202103/08/2024
ITTecDel - C1366Cloud - Managed Service ProviderIT Technology DeliveryANS Group Limited2225333362102/08/202102/08/2024
ITTecDel - C1567Technical Consultancy: On-Premise and Cloud #CGIT Technology DeliveryMeteoric Ltd363000362001/04/202231/03/2025
ITTecDel - C1601Content Management System (CMS) licensingIT Technology DeliveryAcquia Inc.2065879362122/06/202221/06/2025
ITTecDel - C1686Data Back up and Archive for Atlas productIT Technology DeliveryOwnCompany Inc74970240010/10/202209/10/2024
ITTecDel - C1897Junior Salesforce Developer - '23IT Technology DeliveryCognizant Worldwide Limited384790241101/04/202331/03/2025
ITTecDel - C1899Senior Salesforce Developer ServicesIT Technology DeliveryCognizant Worldwide Limited393815241101/04/202331/03/2025
ITTecDel - C1901Dynamics 365 CRM DeveloperIT Technology DeliveryCognizant Worldwide Limited264866241101/04/202331/03/2025
ITTecDel - C1908Dynamics 365 CRM - Design & DevelopmentIT Technology DeliveryCognizant Worldwide Limited445180241101/04/202331/03/2025
ITTecDel - C1925Bridge IT G-Cloud _ Dynamics 365 CRM?Business AnalystIT Technology DeliveryThe Bridge (IT Recruitment) Limited542148241101/04/202331/03/2025
ITTecDel - C1926Dynamics 365 CRM Delivery ManagerIT Technology DeliveryThe Bridge (IT Recruitment) Limited542148241101/04/202331/03/2025
ITTecDel - C2035Microsoft 2023-2026IT Technology DeliveryPhoenix Software Ltd3500000360001/10/202330/09/2026
ITTecDel - C2084Enterprise Architecture Modelling Platform & Support tool '23 onwardsIT Technology DeliverySeattle Software Ltd T/A Orbus173240361130/11/202330/11/2026
ITTecDel - C2121Atlassian Cloud Software LicensesIT Technology DeliveryAutomation Consultants615000241101/02/202431/01/2026
ITTecDel - C2179Development, Maintenance and Management of SUL & BBB Cloud Applications 2024IT Technology DeliveryTotally Communications Limited199200120001/04/202431/03/2025
ITTecDel - C2181Technology Project Resource - Delivery Manager and Technical Business AnalystIT Technology DeliveryMorson Human Resources Limited12600060018/03/202405/09/2024
ITTecDel - C2194Design Support - Ext/NewIT Technology DeliveryGigastream plc361899120001/04/202431/03/2025
ITTecDel - C2232Online Research Services for ITIT Technology DeliveryGartner UK Limited496500360001/04/202431/03/2027
ITTecDel - C2240Salesforce licenses - SUL 2024/25 renewalIT Technology DeliverySoftcat Plc506861120001/05/202430/04/2025
ITTecDel - C2246Cyber Liability Insurance Policy - 24/25 REPIT Technology DeliveryAON UK LTD95200120001/04/202431/03/2025
ITTecDel - C2266Workday TesterIT Technology DeliveryFDM Group Limited2944540001/07/202421/10/2024
ITTecDel - C2267Workday DeveloperIT Technology DeliveryCognizant Worldwide Limited5367540017/06/202428/10/2024
ITTecDel - C2270IT Resource (I3Works)IT Technology DeliveryI3Works Ltd500000120001/07/202430/06/2025
ITTecDel - C2271IT Testing Support Resource 24 Onwards (FDM)IT Technology DeliveryFDM Group Limited790000120001/07/202430/06/2025
ITTecDel - C2272IT Resource Contract - Architects and Developers (Morsons)IT Technology DeliveryMorson Human Resources Limited4000000120001/07/202430/06/2025
ITTecDel - C2273IT Resource (Lucid Support Services)IT Technology DeliveryLucid Support Services Limited500000120001/07/202430/06/2025
ITTecDel - C2276IT Resource Contract - Testing (Cognizant)IT Technology DeliveryCognizant Worldwide Limited2578000120001/07/202430/06/2025
LG - C2003Digital Board Paper SubscriptionLegal and SecretariatDiligent Boardbooks Limited52938240021/08/202320/08/2025
LG - C2161Online legal research resource subscription service 2024Legal and SecretariatThomson Reuters Limited26499.92120001/01/202431/12/2024
LG - C2220Structured Finance Legal Services Framework - Supplier 1Legal and SecretariatAshurst LLP4000000480010/04/202409/04/2028
LG - C2221Structured Finance Legal Services Framework - Supplier 2Legal and SecretariatBaker & McKenzie LLP4000000480010/04/202409/04/2028
LG - C2222Structured Finance Legal Services Framework - Supplier 3Legal and SecretariatBurges Salmon LLP4000000480010/04/202409/04/2028
LG - C2223Structured Finance Legal Services Framework - Supplier 4Legal and SecretariatClifford Chance LLP4000000480010/04/202409/04/2028
LG - C2224Structured Finance Legal Services Framework - Supplier 5Legal and SecretariatDentons UK and Middle East LLP4000000480010/04/202409/04/2028
LG - C2225Structured Finance Legal Services Framework - Supplier 6Legal and SecretariatDuane Morris LLP4000000480010/04/202409/04/2028
LG - C2226Structured Finance Legal Services Framework - Supplier 7Legal and SecretariatHogan Lovells International LLP4000000480010/04/202409/04/2028
LG - C2227Structured Finance Legal Services Framework - Supplier 8Legal and SecretariatNorton Rose Fulbright4000000480010/04/202409/04/2028
LG - C2228Structured Finance Legal Services Framework - Supplier 9Legal and SecretariatSimmons and Simmons LLP4000000480010/04/202409/04/2028
LG - C2229Structured Finance Legal Services Framework - Supplier 10Legal and SecretariatSlaughter and May Limited4000000480010/04/202409/04/2028
LG - C2230Structured Finance Legal Services Framework - Supplier 11Legal and SecretariatTLT LLP4000000480010/04/202409/04/2028
LG - C2248Software for onboarding law firms with fee tracking - 2024-2026Legal and SecretariatAlacrity Law Limited50000240001/04/202431/03/2026
METCM - C1363Font Software Use Licence - MonotypeMET: Comms & MarketingMonotype Limited23298.13382029/07/202125/09/2024
METCM - C1770Media Monitoring and Reporting - 2023-2025MET: Comms & MarketingSignal Media Limited25211240001/04/202331/03/2025
METCM - C1843BBB & SUL PR AgencyMET: Comms & MarketingNext 15 Group PLC828000241101/04/202331/03/2025
METCM - C1846Regional PR Support Services - North of England 2023MET: Comms & MarketingMc2 Manchester Limited415546241101/04/202331/03/2025
METCM - C1847Regional PR Support Services - Scotland 2023MET: Comms & MarketingFrame Creative PR Limited331000241101/04/202331/03/2025
METCM - C1848Regional PR Support Services - Midlands 2023MET: Comms & MarketingStory Comms Limited326000241101/04/202331/03/2025
METCM - C1849Regional PR Support Services - Wales 2023MET: Comms & MarketingWorking Word Public Relations331000241101/04/202331/03/2025
METCM - C1850Regional PR Support Services - South West 2023MET: Comms & MarketingDeborah Clark Associates Ltd (DCA PR)308000241101/04/202331/03/2025
METCM - C1852Regional PR Support Services - Northern Ireland 2023MET: Comms & MarketingJago Communications Ltd331000241101/04/202331/03/2025
METCM - C1865Social Media Support Services 2023MET: Comms & MarketingThe Red Brick Road Limited270000241101/05/202330/04/2025
METCM - C1994Financial Newspaper Subscription 2023 - 2024MET: Comms & MarketingThe Financial Times Limited66303120025/07/202324/07/2024
METCM - C2096NLA Licence 2024MET: Comms & MarketingNLA Media Access Limited36292120002/01/202401/01/2025
METCM - C2115Video Production Services 2023MET: Comms & MarketingCass Productions Limited210000241117/10/202316/10/2025
METCM - C2164Platform to Communicate Volume of Media Coverage 2024-2025MET: Comms & MarketingReleasd Limited10399120001/04/202431/03/2025
METCM - C2167Brand consultancy ? launching new vehicle and fund (Growth Fund)MET: Comms & MarketingRed Stone Design Limited7500090001/04/202431/12/2024
METCM - C2188BPC PR and Media Agency Support 24-26MET: Comms & MarketingNext 15 Group PLC309060240001/04/202431/03/2026
METCM - C2189Social Media Scheduling Software - 2024MET: Comms & MarketingSprout Social, Inc.17200120019/04/202418/04/2025
METCM - C2231Document printingMET: Comms & MarketingThe Color Company26885120026/04/202425/04/2025
METDDM - C1145Paid Media Master Services AgreementMET: Direct & Digital MarketingMcCann-Erickson Central Limited5000000481014/10/202013/10/2024
METDDM - C1452Search Engine OptimisationMET: Direct & Digital MarketingBrightEdge Technologies, Inc.93792.8362016/12/202115/12/2024
METDDM - C1612Master Services Agreement - Marketing ServicesMET: Direct & Digital MarketingFour Hundred Communications Limited750000362125/04/202224/04/2025
METDDM - C1704E-Consultancy SubscriptionsMET: Direct & Digital MarketingXeim Limited37000240024/11/202223/11/2024
METDDM - C1833Creative Design ServicesMET: Direct & Digital MarketingRed Stone Design Limited225000242101/04/202331/03/2025
METDDM - C1976Digital Quality Management ToolMET: Direct & Digital MarketingMAGUS RESEARCH LIMITED22171120011/08/202310/08/2024
METDDM - C2044Analytics, SEO and CRM SupportMET: Direct & Digital MarketingCoherence Consulting Limited75000120004/10/202303/10/2024
METDDM - C2049Application, Support and Maintenance (ASM) ServicesMET: Direct & Digital MarketingCoherence Consulting Limited200000120001/10/202330/09/2024
METDDM - C2053Provision of Media AuditsMET: Direct & Digital MarketingTwenty Three Media Limited75000241113/10/202312/10/2025
METDDM - C2064Referrals Tracking for SULC 2023-2026MET: Direct & Digital MarketingTradedoubler Limited27000360020/10/202319/10/2026
METDDM - C2094Search Engine OptimisationMET: Direct & Digital MarketingBrightEdge Technologies, Inc.66586121116/12/202315/12/2024
METDDM - C2119Rewards on SUL websiteMET: Direct & Digital MarketingPropello Cloud Ltd52800240031/01/202430/01/2026
METDDM - C2233Digital Asset Management (DAM)MET: Direct & Digital MarketingBe The Brand Experience Ltd100000120016/03/202415/03/2025
METPE - C2062Sponsorship of elite business LiveMET: Partner & EventsCE Marketing Group Ltd12500120030/10/202330/10/2024
METPE - C2160Media Partnership - Yorkshire & Humber, North WestMET: Partner & EventsRegional Media Services Ltd16000120027/03/202426/03/2025
METUKN - C1661Intermediaries Survey - SME Access to Finance 2022MET: UK NetworksIpsos (Market Research) Ltd316675242101/08/202231/07/2024
METUKN - C2140Angel Syndication Support - NI - 2024MET: UK NetworksAwakenAngels Limited35000120001/04/202431/03/2025
METUKN - C2142Angel Syndication Support - Scotland - 2024MET: UK NetworksMint Ventures Syndicate Limited30000120001/04/202431/03/2025
METUKN - C2143Female Founder ProgrammeMET: UK NetworksTramshed Tech20000110011/03/202431/01/2025
METUKN - C2144Angel Syndication Support - Wales - 2024MET: UK NetworksWomen Angels of Wales Limited20000120001/04/202431/03/2025
O - C1434Business Continuity & Operational Resilience SoftwareOperationsCastellan Solutions Limited162300362101/12/202130/11/2024
O - C1987MSP Transition SupportOperationsManchester Square Partners LLP60000120001/08/202331/07/2024
P - C1103Credit Check SoftwareCommercial OperationsDun & Bradstreet Limited22193361025/07/202224/07/2025
P - C1706Procurement E-Sourcing PortalCommercial OperationsBip Solutions Ltd27200241002/01/202301/01/2025
P - C2150Contracts Register SoftwareCommercial OperationsAtamis Ltd72000361118/12/202317/12/2026
P - C2191Directors & Officers Insurance - 24/25 REPCommercial OperationsAON UK LTD106400120001/04/202431/03/2025
P - C2192Employers Liability Insurance - 24/25 REPCommercial OperationsAON UK LTD60453120001/04/202431/03/2025
P - C2199Professional Indemnity Insurance - 24/25 REPCommercial OperationsAON UK LTD28224120001/04/202431/03/2025
P - C2251Procurement RecruitmentCommercial OperationsCastlefield Recruitment Limited80000230014/04/202431/03/2026
PA - C2237Parliamentary Monitoring Services - 2024II: Public AffairsDeHavilland Information Services Ltd12021120015/04/202414/04/2025
PO - C2241Reputation Survey 2024II: PolicyYouGov PLC320825241108/05/202430/04/2026
RC - C1522Xactium Risk and Xactium ComplianceRisk & ComplianceXactium Limited375000362110/03/202209/03/2025
RC - C1771Bloomberg LPRisk & ComplianceBloomberg UK Limited45500240003/12/202202/12/2024
RC - C1876Economic Forecasts & Scenarios for IFRS9 - RERisk & ComplianceOxford Economics Limited42196240007/05/202306/05/2025
RC - C1958Gartner Research Services - Risk & ComplianceRisk & ComplianceGartner UK Limited109200241101/07/202330/06/2025
SUL - C1336Finance Partner AgreementStart Up LoansThe Enterprise Fund Limited18000000720009/03/202008/03/2026
SUL - C1711Fraud PreventionStart Up LoansIovation Limited93600240001/12/202230/11/2024
SUL - C1811Identity authentication and bank detail validation for SUL loan applicationsStart Up LoansExperian Limited2400000241101/03/202328/02/2025
SUL - C1839SUL Post Loan Support - Newable (Trade) LondonStart Up LoansNewable Trade (London) Limited5000000360001/05/202330/04/2026
SUL - C1884Northern Ireland Regional Business Support PartnerStart Up LoansEnterprise Northern Ireland Ltd312000480001/04/202331/03/2027
SUL - C1932SUL DP - East Midlands BSP - Lot 1Start Up LoansEnterprise Loans East Midlands667888241101/04/202331/03/2025
SUL - C1933SUL DP - East of England - Lot 2Start Up LoansNorfolk and Waveney Enterprise Services906048241101/04/202331/03/2025
SUL - C1934SUL DP - London BSP - Lot 3Start Up LoansNorfolk and Waveney Enterprise Services1814384241101/04/202331/03/2025
SUL - C1935SUL DP - North East BSP - Lot 4Start Up LoansBusiness & Enterprise Finance Ltd590824241101/04/202331/03/2025
SUL - C1936SUL DP - Northern Ireland BSP - Lot 6Start Up LoansEnterprise Northern Ireland Ltd324480241101/04/202331/03/2025
SUL - C1937SUL DP - Scotland BSP - Lot 7Start Up LoansDSL Business Finance Ltd914285241101/04/202331/03/2025
SUL - C1938SUL DP - South East BSP - Lot 8Start Up LoansCapitalise Business Support Ltd1404250241101/04/202331/03/2025
SUL - C1939SUL DP - South West BSP - Lot 9Start Up LoansSOUTH WEST INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED1110720241101/04/202331/03/2025
SUL - C1940SUL DP - Military Specialist BSP - Lot 16Start Up LoansX-FORCES HOLDING LIMITED1803568241101/04/202331/03/2025
SUL - C1941SUL DP - Young Specialist BSP - Lot 17Start Up LoansThe Prince's Trust279552241101/04/202331/03/2025
SUL - C1942SUL DP - Sharia Specialist BSP - Lot 18Start Up LoansFinancing Enterprise Limited72000240001/04/202331/03/2025
SUL - C1944SUL DP - North West BSP - Lot 5Start Up LoansThe Enterprise Fund Limited1265971.2241101/04/202331/03/2025
SUL - C1945SUL DP - West Midlands BSP - Lot 11Start Up LoansEnterprise Loans East Midlands1070784241101/04/202331/03/2025
SUL - C1946SUL DP - Yorkshire and The Humber BSP - Lot 12Start Up LoansBusiness & Enterprise Finance Ltd1110720241101/04/202331/03/2025
SUL - C1947SUL DP - National BSP 1 - Lot 13Start Up LoansThe Enterprise Fund Limited4103424241101/04/202331/03/2025
SUL - C1948SUL DP - National BSP 2 - Lot 14Start Up LoansVIRGIN START UP LTD3432000241101/06/202331/05/2025
SUL - C1949SUL DP - National BSP 3 - Lot 15Start Up LoansBizBritain Finance Limited2964000241101/06/202331/05/2025
SUL - C2075CIFAS Annual Membership SULCO - 2024Start Up LoansCIFAS10758120001/01/202431/12/2024
SUL - C2091Post Claim Assurance ServicesStart Up LoansRSM UK Risk Assurance Service LLP4705355162215/11/202331/03/2025
SUL - C2092Post Claim Assurance Services 2Start Up LoansKPMG LLP2941355162204/12/202331/03/2025
SUL - C2131Telephony System for Call CentreStart Up LoansVonage Business Limited27869.86120001/02/202431/01/2025
SUL - C2182Covid Scheme Lender Audit & Assurance - 1Start Up LoansKPMG LLP15850000361125/03/202431/03/2027
SUL - C2183Covid Scheme Lender Audit & Assurance - 2Start Up LoansErnst & Young LLP15850000361101/04/202431/03/2027
SUL - C2184Covid Scheme Lender Audit & Assurance - 3Start Up LoansRSM UK Risk Assurance Service LLP15850000360001/04/202431/03/2027
SUL - C2255SUL SMS ProviderStart Up LoansTwilio Inc18000120001/06/202431/05/2025
VS - C0650NPIL & MEIF bank accountVenture SolutionsThe Royal Bank of Scotland Public Limited Company100001200001/11/201631/10/2026
VS - C0949Bank account for Cornwall investmentsVenture SolutionsLloyds Banking Group PLC100001200001/03/201801/03/2028
VS - C1019Future FundVenture SolutionsPricewaterhouseCoopers LLP33949766542018/05/202016/11/2024
VS - C1777CIFAS Annual Membership - FF 2023 & 2024Venture SolutionsCIFAS21201.2524 001/01/202331/12/2024
VS - C1893Debt Management ServicesVenture SolutionsQualco UK Limited250000360023/05/202322/05/2026
VS - C2130Salesforce Licences - Future FundVenture SolutionsSoftcat Plc228005120023/02/202422/02/2025

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