FOI Request Statistics

Everyone has the right to request information held by a public body.

For information about how to make a request, see our Transparency webpage.

For information about how many FOI requests we have received and how we handle them, see the table below.  These figures are updated every quarter.

YearRequests receivedClosed (in time)Closed (late)Open (in time)Open (late)Non-valid requestsResponse rate (%)PIT extensionInternal Reviews
2014/15136700 -464
2015/165048200 -96 -0
2016/174646000 -100 -1
2017/185353000 -100 -0
2018/1958580000100 60
2019/204544100098 210

Current Year Performance

2022/23Requests receivedClosed (in time)Closed (late)Open (in time)Open (late)Non-valid requestsResponse rate (%)PIT extensionInternal reviews

* Figures as of 4th December 2023


1. FOIA Section 45 Code of Practice recommends the publication of FOI performance statistics and quarterly updates.

2. Internal Reviews are logged against the month of the original request to show what progressed to IR.

3. Non valid requests are requests that have been dealt with as ‘business as usual’, do not meet the FOIA requirements (eg vague, not for recorded information), or where a Requestor does not provide clarification when asked. These figures are not included in the ‘Requests received’ total.

4. Public Interest Test (PIT) to extend the deadline by a further 20 working days.