Accreditation criteria for conciseness

Information on how you meet the RLS accreditation criteria
A Criterion A: Lending to businesses trading in the UK. Please provide high level evidence of your track record in the provision of lending to the UK business market (by type of lending if applicable, such as term, revolving, invoice finance, asset finance and whether secured or unsecured), including default rates and performance against target.
Please confirm whether you are active in issuing secured lending or unsecured lending (or both) to businesses, and in which types of lending products together with a detailed description of the lending products.
B Criterion B: Critical Mass. Please provide us with a forecast on how much RLS-backed lending you think you might originate per year, both in terms of number of deals and average deal size; and compared to your commercial lending. Please provide some background on how you have come up with this forecast. BBB generally aim to work with lenders who will be able to originate a minimum of £1,000,000 of lending that is RLS-backed during the Scheme Period and be able to demonstrate value for money through supporting a minimum 20 SMEs. Where the applicant is a Responsible Finance Provider, Regional Fund or Social Enterprise Lender not able to demonstrate the minimum value of lending, a lower minimum value may be considered.
C Criterion C:Interest and Fees: Please provide details of your pricing for existing lending that is comparable with lending you propose to carry out under RLS. Applicants that are invited to progress to Stage 2 will subsequently need to use this information to demonstrate how they would take into account the full net economic benefit provided by the RLS guarantee.
D Criterion D: Availability of Capital. Please demonstrate that you have sufficient committed capital available to meet your lending forecast, covering business lending both with and without RLS support. Please highlight at this stage if some of your sources of capital come with conditions that may restrict the ability for RLS-backed lending. Note that the guarantee and RLS facilities are not assignable without BBB consent. Third party funders and investors should be made aware of this as it may restrict the availability of capital to fund the RLS facilities. Capital in use by the delivery partner in relation to its business and the origination of Scheme Facilities must be derived from sources which could not reasonably be expected to bring the scheme or the Guarantor into disrepute (including, without limitation, by not breaching any applicable law and regulation).
E Criterion E: Financial Status, Operations, Management Team and Track Record. Please set out at a high level (and without supporting documentation) your financial status and details of your robust and tested systems and processes that are in place for making and managing RLS-supported lending facilities. This requirement includes but is not limited to origination processes, risk management and underwriting capabilities and processes, loan documentation, back-office systems, monitoring and compliance and governance arrangements and management information reporting. Please demonstrate at a high level the size, competency and expertise of the team to deliver the proposed strategy for RLS-backed lending. BBB will test all of these requirements in more detail during Stage 2. Please set out at a high level how you plan to support the UK’s transition to a net zero economy and incorporate ESG considerations into your future activities.
F Criterion F: Fraud & Financial Crime Risk Management. Please set out at a high level (and without supporting documentation) your documented Fraud & Financial Crime policies in place to prevent, detect, investigate, report and evaluate fraud & financial crime.
G Criterion G: Regulation and Tax Domicile. Please set out where you are domiciled for tax purposes and confirm that you hold the necessary regulatory approvals.
H Criterion H: Legal Structure. Please provide an outline your legal structure, including a group structure diagram together with details of shareholders/ownership and with sources of funding clearly indicated. Please provide details of the funding structure, including a structure diagram showing the relationship between relevant entities and how they relate to the group structure. At a minimum this should include the name of the lender of record, the servicer of the loans (if different from the lender of record) and the originating entity (again, if different from the lender of record).

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