From the day we submitted our
application to money being in the
account was 3 weeks - it was really quick.

Michael Kane Director, Bramley & Gage

Looking to Stay Ahead

Are you a viable company seeking a loan to grow, or simply in need of day-to-day finance for your business? Check out our STAY AHEAD partners to see what they can offer.

For established businesses, access to finance can mean the difference between staying ahead – either through expansion or getting day-to-day working capital – and falling behind.

We increase choice of both product and provider for smaller businesses through investing alongside or providing guarantees to our partners.

Businesses looking to achieve particularly rapid growth, especially through equity finance, may wish to consider some of our SCALE UP partners

OVER 91,000

Meet our partners

The British Business Bank works with over 130  partners to unlock finance for smaller businesses.

Our STAY AHEAD partners participate in programmes designed to increase choice and volume of debt finance and alternative finance, such as the Enterprise Finance Guarantee and our commercial arm’s Investment Programmes.

The process below selects our partners by their participation in British Business Bank’s programmes. They may also provide finance independently from those programmes – please check with each finance provider. As well as British Business Bank partners, there are many other alternatives in the market – the Business Finance Guide provides a guide to many of these options.

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