British Business Bank programme: Enterprise Finance Guarantee

UKSE is the subsidiary of Tata Steel tasked with helping the economic regeneration of communities affected by changes in the steel industry.

They work in steel areas across the UK assisting job and wealth creation by supporting small and medium sized businesses with finance and business premises.Since their establishment in 1975, their strategy has remained straight forward and consistent: to create a supportive environment for the great entrepreneurial spirit that exists in the small business communities, and in doing so, to encourage job and wealth creation in our steel areas.

During this time they have provided business finance and premises, together with help and advice, to more than 6,000 growth businesses. Their financial support to date totals around £90million and has enabled UKSE supported businesses to create over 76,000 new jobs in our steel areas. In addition they have been able to contribute both in kind and financially to numerous worthwhile community support initiatives.

And though each company and every project has been different, they all share the same common goal – success. UKSE aims to continue fostering such success as the best way of helping our communities to thrive and generate the most exciting prospects for the future.

The continuing work of UKSE is a demonstration of the commitment of Tata Steel to sustainable corporate social responsibility. Economic regeneration, is by necessity, a long term process. UKSE is committed to maintaining its support for as long as it takes!

UKSE offer the Term Loan variant.

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