GC Business Finance

British Business Bank programme: Enterprise Finance Guarantee

GC Business Finance is a leading not-for-profit alternative business finance provider. It prides itself on ensuring that businesses have access to the finance they need, through a wide range of products and embedded business support in the North West of England and across the UK.

GC Business Finance (formerly Business Finance Solutions) was established in 2002 with a brief to provide professional and service-focused finance options for businesses that have been unable to obtain funding through a mainstream lender. Through growth and developing its finance offering, it provides term loans between six months and seven years together with access to equity funding to £2,000,000, and has now lent over £230m to 17,000 businesses across the UK through a variety of funds. These include the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund, Start-Up Loans, Business Growth Loans and the Greater Manchester Export Fund. As the finance arm of The Growth Company,  GC Business Finance works with thousands of ambitious businesses to help them to grow, thrive and create jobs.

The Growth Company is a national-not-for-profit company, helping businesses, people and places to achieve transformational growth by boosting employment, skills, investment and enterprise for the benefit of all.

They offer the Term Loan variant.

To find out more about GC Business Finance and its services, please call on 0161 245 4977 or email

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