ART Business Loans

British Business Bank programme: Enterprise Finance Guarantee

ART Business Loans is a Community Development Finance Institution (CDFI), owned by its members – both borrowers and investors.

ART was established in 1997 to help ‘alleviate poverty through enterprise’ by lending to businesses unable to access any or all of the finance they needed from the banks and so enable them to create or preserve jobs.

Originally set up in Aston, ART (Aston Reinvestment Trust) was a pioneer CDFI in the UK. Its model – raising finance from member investors from the public and private sectors, as well as individuals, to lend to businesses in a specific area – has since been replicated around the UK.

ART Business Loans’ mission today is “to ensure that viable business in the West Midlands can access the finance they need.” ART lends when the banks either haven’t lent at all, or have already lent all they can. In fact ART often lends alongside the banks and other financiers as part of a package.

ART offers the Term Loan variant.

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