Angel CoFund

British Business Bank programme: Angel CoFund

The Angel CoFund makes equity investments of between £100,000 and £1 million in smaller businesses in the UK. It invests alongside strong syndicates of business angels to support businesses with strong growth potential.

Investment is subject to an upper limit of 49% of an investment round and 30% of the equity in a business, although investments are usually less than this.

If you are a business seeking investment, you should first secure the interest of a business angel syndicate or network, as you can’t approach this fund directly. You can find more information on business angels, syndicates and networks from the UK Business Angels Association.

Visit the UKBAA website

If you are a business angel syndicate, visit the Angel CoFund website to find out more about the fund and how to secure co-investment.

Visit the Angel CoFund website

The Angel CoFund has enabled smaller businesses to secure £72m in investment: £15m from Angel CoFund alongside £57m from private investors. Every £1 invested by the Angel CoFund has leveraged around £4 from business angel syndicates.

The Angel CoFund is a £100m fund to increase the impact of angel investing in the UK

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