Enterprise Finance Guarantee – EFG for delivery partners

Launched in 2009, the Enterprise Finance Guarantee encourages lending to viable UK businesses that would be turned down for a loan or other form of debt finance, due to inadequate security.

It does this by providing accredited lenders with a Government-backed guarantee for 75% of the loan value (subject to a cap on total guaranteed lending across the lender’s total loan book.

The British Business Bank’s guide: Understanding the Enterprise Finance Guarantee, explains the programme in greater detail for lenders, including how to apply to become an accredited lender and which banks and other lenders are partners in the programme.

We are currently looking for new lenders to become partners in the Enterprise Finance Guarantee programme.

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EFG for SMEs and Advisors

The information on these pages is tailored for banks and non-bank lenders who wish to find out more about becoming an accredited EFG lender.

If you are an advisor or SME, please see our EFG for Advisors / SMEs page for full details about the scheme, including how to apply for an EFG loan or debt facility.