Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) – for Accredited Lenders

As an accredited CBILS partner, you can support us in promoting the scheme and encouraging and enabling smaller businesses (SMEs) to find the finance most suited to their needs.

We need your help to ensure that SMEs:

  • are aware of CBILS
  • understand how it works
  • know how to apply

Tools for accredited lenders

To help you to help us to achieve these aims, we’ve provided some useful resources for you to download and use.

British Business Bank logo

Tell SMEs that you’re a CBILS accredited lender by adding our core BBB logo to your website and linking to the BBB CBILS webpage

Frequently asked questions — SMEs

Use this to find the answers to common questions around CBILS and how it relates to SMEs.

CBILS for Lenders Toolkit

Find out the range of ways we can work together to raise awareness of CBILS effectively.

CBILS Checklist for SMEs

Use this simple guide to learn about the main criteria SMEs need to meet to qualify for CBILS.

CBILS Infographic

Download and use this simple visual guide to the CBILS application process.

FAQs for Lenders – Assignment of the guarantee

This document clarifies the key points for accredited Lenders on assignment of the guarantee.