Forthcoming Research – SMEs and net zero

As we cautiously look beyond the pandemic, the Bank’s research teams are undertaking research into how SMEs view climate change and carbon emissions reduction, along with how they are thinking about any potential business benefits from a greening economy.

The Bank has partnered with Ipsos MORI to carry out a survey of UK SMEs that will help address these questions. The work is currently in field and will feed into a Bank publication on this topic in autumn 2021.

Message to respondents

You may have received a phone call from Ipsos MORI in order to gather your views. If you did, your business has been selected at random from the Dun & Bradstreet business database. We’d be very grateful if you could provide your input, since this research relies on gathering data from as many businesses as possible. We are interested in hearing views from all small and medium businesses, whether or not they are taking any action to reduce emissions. We’re conscious that coronavirus has made things difficult and we have tried to keep the survey as straightforward as possible – it should take you no longer than 20 minutes.

Please note, your response will be treated completely confidentially, and anonymised. It will be vital in shaping the support the Bank continues to offer to SMEs.

If you have any queries regarding this survey, you can email Ipsos MORI at or contact the British Business Bank team on +44 (0)776 8658531.