KisanHub made use of Angel and VC investment to help get its product to market quicker

Finance enabled this Agri-Tech company to invest in more employees and move into a new premises.

KisanHub business fact-file

Business KisanHub
Region East Anglia
Sector IT/Agriculture
Type of funding Venture Capital (VC)

Key Takeaways

The Challenge

KisanHub needed finance to accelerate the development of its product.

The Ambition

KisanHub needed finance quickly in order to capitalise on the business opportunity that was there.

The Finance

£1.75m in Angel and VC funding.

The Outcome

KisanHub was able to employ more staff and get to market faster as a result.

KisanHub's journey to finance

  • KisanHub provides actionable insights to farming communities through technology which connects them to their crops.
  • It started out in 2012 and has used different forms of business finance to grow to where it is now, supplying Crop Intelligence Platforms to some of the largest farming businesses in the world.
  • In 2016, it raised around £1m via Venture Capital, Angel Investment and government Grants, allowing it to expand its workforce and continue to develop its product.
  • In 2017, KisanHub completed its last round of funding, raising £1.75m through Angel and VC investors.

"The nature of start-up companies is that they are high risk, therefore you have to find investors who have the same risk appetite as you. On the fundraising journey you will meet a lot of investors who dismiss your hypothesis, but that is expected. It helps to re-focus your pitch and make sure you target the correct investors."

Giles Barker COO and Co-founder at KisanHub

KisanHub's Top Tips

  • 1

    Talk to your contacts and peers. Our network recommended using VC and Angel for funding.

  • 2

    Applying for and receiving a grant allowed us to validate our business. It allows you to test your product-market fit and build confidence among other investors.

  • 3

    It always takes longer than you think. It helps to have a mentor or adviser who isn't financially tied to the success of the business.

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"The finance has been critical in accelerating the execution of our business opportunity, so we can carry on becoming the market leader in Agricultural Enterprise Software."

Giles Barker COO and Co-founder at KisanHub

The best bits about Angel and VC investment

  • Apart from capital, the additional network and experience that investors bring to the table is beneficial.
  • As first-time founders, It's invaluable to have the kind of experience investors bring during the business' journey.
  • It is a tough process but it really makes you focus on the business opportunity and how you are going to deliver against your business plan.

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