A £10m Expansion Capital investment helped an established Chemical manufacturer build a major new plant.

ChemoxyLink opens in a new window is an advanced chemical manufacturer based in the North East. It needed finance to expand to a second site. It received £10m to help finance its expansion and provide financial stability while doing so.

Ian Stark CEO at Chemoxy
Ian Stark, CEO at Chemoxy

Chemoxy business fact-file

RegionNorth East
SectorChemical Industry
Type of fundingExpansion Capital

Key Takeaways

The Challenge

Chemoxy required funding for investment in plant and machinery and to increase capacity.

The Ambition

Chemoxy wanted capital to increase revenue by expanding its product range.

The Finance

£10 million

The Outcome

Chemoxy experienced growth across its two manufacturing sites and developed its proprietary product range.

Chemoxy's journey to finance

  • Chemoxy is a chemical manufacturer with two sites in the North East of England in Middlesbrough and Billingham.
  • It's a growing business that benefits hugely from export sales to markets including China and the USA, with 60% of its sales coming from abroad.
  • It was approached by different Private Equity and financial institutions but chose Expansion Capital because it wanted to keep control of the company.
  • Chemoxy received £10m which helped expand its manufacturing capacity and develop its product range.
  • Chemoxy benefitted from an investor that was constructive, had a non-controlling stake, and its reporting requirements were reasonable.

The best bits about Expansion Capital

  • 1

    Our investor has been non-controlling and constructive.

  • 2

    The investment has helped to accelerate our growth and provide more financial confidence in the business.

  • 3

    We didn't have to give up control of our company.

  • 4

    We've benefitted from an investor that has helped with the growth of the company.

  • 5

    Access to a network of board level contacts.

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