Procurement of post loan support services for Start Up Loans, part of the British Business Bank.

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Procurement of post loan support services for Start Up Loans, part of the British Business Bank.

The Start-Up Loans Company, part of the British Business Bank, has launched a procurement for a Post Loan Support Partner.

Register for the procurement and download the Tender materials here.

In addition, and as part of this procurement, Start Up Loans will be undertaking a Supplier Launch Event for interested suppliers. Further details can be found below.

An overview of the procurement and the Start Up Loans requirements are also set out below.

The deadline for tender submissions is 12:00pm on 07 December 2022.


The Start-Up Loans Company, part of the British Business Bank, provides finance and support to aspiring and early-stage business owners from across the UK who struggle to access other forms of finance. The programme supports employment, enables economic growth and has a transformational impact on the lives of thousands of people. Start Up Loans is tasked with delivering support to an additional 33,000 Borrowers between April 2022 – March 2025. Find out more about Start Up Loans.

The Start Up Loans Delivery Model

Currently, Start Up Loans Applicants receive pre-loan support from our Delivery Partners, acting as approved credit brokers for the purpose of sourcing eligible Applicants and introducing them to the Finance Provider, preparing and recommending applications to the Finance Provider. Those who successfully draw down a Start Up Loan (“Borrowers”) are offered 12 months of post loan support. Under the existing arrangements, both pre and post-loan support are delivered via a network of Delivery Partners. You can find out about the current Delivery Partners here.

Our delivery model is changing: from April 2023 pre-loan support will be delivered by a network of National, Regional and Specialist “Business Support Partners”, and post loan support will primarily be offered by a single, UK-wide “Post Loan Support Partner” *.

*Please note that Business Support Partners and the Finance Provider are not part of this procurement.

What is a Post Loan Support Partner?

A single Post Loan Support Partner will provide post loan support to Borrowers across the UK who have received pre-loan support from a National or Regional Business Support Partner. Borrowers who have been supported by a Specialist Business Support Partner will receive post loan support from their Specialist Business Support Partner, and so will not be referred to the national Post Loan Support Partner.

Post loan support is offered to Borrowers (of first Loans) for 12 months following the drawdown of a Borrower’s first Loan. Post Loan Support services include, but are not limited to:

  • 1-2-1 and group mentoring support
  • Access to an online platform, which includes seminars, FAQs, learning materials and signposting to alternative information services including ‘Learn with Start Up Loans’

Find out more about the Post Loan Support Partner opportunity, and to register interest in this procurement and download the tender materials hereLink opens in a new window.

Launch Event

The Start-Up Loans Company will be holding a launch event for the Post Loan Support Partner procurement.

  • Date:15 November 2022
  • Location: Online, via webcasting platform

The launch event will provide an overview of the procurement including the Start Up Loans delivery model, key requirements of the Post Loan Support Partner, the procurement process and timelines This will include a Q&A session.

Register for the launch event here; information is within the tender materials.

We strongly recommend that Suppliers review the tender materials before registering for the launch event, to ensure you understand the opportunity and so that you come prepared with any questions which may be relevant to you.   

If you would like to find out further information about this procurement, please follow the link to register and access the tender materials. For more general enquiries, please contact our procurement team via email at:



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