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Partner: IQ Capital
Region: London
Location: London
Programme: Enterprise Capital Funds

Award winning Unbound, the world’s first crowdfunding publishing platform, gives power to readers and authors to decide which books get published.

After an author has pitched their idea, readers make financial pledges in support of authors they want to see published. The cost of production is crowdfunded, books are then produced and sold to bookshops.

Although most of the books published come from established authors, the range of publishing is diverse – from best-selling author Raymond Briggs to essay collections from BAME writers. All authors have the opportunity to write and be read with Unbound.

The business plans to raise £3m to continue aggressive growth plans including expanding the business in the UK and internationally. £900k will be crowdfunded and the additional £2.1m will be secured from investors. Current investors include IQ Capital, who are partners of British Business Bank’s Enterprise Capital Funds programme.

Unbound CEO Dan Kieran said: “Securing part of the funding we need to continue our expansion both here in the UK and Internationally through the British Business Bank’s Enterprise Capital Funds programme has already had an impact on the performance of the company. We know what we have to do to grow and can now finance our growth plans, which includes at least ten new hires in the UK alone.”

In the video below Dan explains importance of perseverance when seeking financial backing:

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