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A man and a woman smiling and stood in front of a Rothwell Logistics van

Rothwell Logistics

Partner: Ultimate Finance Group
Region: West Midlands
Location: Kenilworth, Warwickshire
Programme: Investment Programme and our other commercial investments

Kenilworth-based Rothwell Logistics, which is in the process of being renamed Mail2Freight Ltd, arranges the delivery of everything from envelopes to shipping containers.

Currently, it is experiencing growth of 400 per cent per quarter helped by an invoice factoring facility provided by Ultimate Finance. It started trading almost two years ago and has grown rapidly through recommendations and word of mouth.

In just the first quarter of year two, business matched the turnover and doubled the profit of the first year’s trade, and growth is increasing with additional services such as ‘Storage’ and ‘Pick & Pack’ being offered. It has now been offered a £1.9m contract to provide a total despatch management solution for a Coventry based firm, who approached them after recommendation.

It had reached a point where the company was forced to turn business away, as it had to pay its carrier suppliers within seven days, with customers wanting 14-30 days or more to settle invoices. This resulted in a huge strain on cashflow to the point where the company was reliant on being supplemented from personal funds, restricting the growth.

The factoring facility, which includes bad debt protection, is a means of releasing the cash they have tied up in unpaid invoices. This means that instead of waiting 30, 60 or even 90 days for their clients to pay, Rothwell receive 90% of the invoice value the very next day, enabling them to pay the suppliers without needing huge reserves of cash.

It is now able to take on more business including the £1.9m contract, which it would never have been able to consider without invoice finance.

Founder of the company, Naomi Rothwell-Smith, was initially put off invoice finance after being advised it was associated with companies in financial trouble.

“I can’t believe how wrong the misconception is about factoring. We are a growing company and there’s no way we could have taken on any newer contracts without the facility in place,” she said.

“We looked at mainstream lenders but they made both the initial application and ongoing processes so complicated, whereas Ultimate Finance kept every step simple. They complete the credit checks on our customers, insure the debt and chase up the payments; enabling our team to get on with running the business.

“With cash freed up we are now pleased to be able to provide further support to our smaller customers by offering them better prices and 30-day payment terms, which they can’t get direct from national couriers.”

Regional director of Ultimate Finance, Simon Hooks, had no hesitation in supporting Rothwell Logistics.

“The company has done an excellent job in building a very successful business purely through referrals and recommendations. It would not have been offered a contract of almost £2 million if they had not developed a reputation for providing an excellent service at the right price.

“Naomi and her team work extremely hard and thoroughly deserve the phenomenal growth they are enjoying.”

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