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A helicopter landed on a helipad with the ocean in the background

Helideck Certification Agency Ltd (HCA)

Partner: Praesidian Capital Europe
Region: Scotland
Location: Aberdeen
Programme: Investment Programme and our other commercial investments

Helideck Certification Agency (HCA), headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, is the leading provider of inspection and certification services for offshore fixed and mobile helicopter landing areas known as ‘helidecks’.

Helicopter Landing Area Certificates (HLA Certificates) are ‘mission critical’ documents ensuring the safe and compliant operation of helidecks and are recognised by regulatory authorities and helicopter companies around the world. HCA also provides friction testing, specialist training and verification and consulting across all aspects of helideck safety.

HCA was acquired in November 2014 by Helideck Analytics Ltd, a newly-formed company led by seasoned helicopter executives David Dobbin and Neil Calvert. Praesidian Capital Europe provided financing to support the acquisition of HCA and becoming an independent business.

Praesidian conducted their own and external due diligence on HCA historical financial performance and new business plan. As a result, Praesidian invested in HCA allowing the business to professionalise its infrastructure, broaden its service offering and expand internationally beyond its existing geographic footprint as an independent company.

Christian Heidl, Praesidian Partner said: “HCA is the go-to authority in the UK and Europe with attractive growth prospects internationally. We are delighted to have entered into this partnership with HCA, its new owners and management, to strengthen its foundation for the next phase of growth.”

David Dobbin, Chairman of Helideck Analytics, said:

“Praesidian’s responsiveness and flexibility allowed us to complete the acquisition of HCA within a short time frame. We are excited about working with such a supportive partner as we embark on expanding HCA’s global reach and service offerings.”

The capital and experience provided during the life of the investment has laid the foundation for HCA’s organisation to grow and expand its service offering internationally beyond the UK, Norway and the North Sea.

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