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Experienced professionals

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Career development

We take a flexible approach to help you to shape your own development through experience and through exposure to our senior team.

I’ve done a number of different roles at the Bank and, for me, it’s been one of the many pluses of working here. You can develop your skills and you can get on – I think I’m a pretty good example of that.

Judith Hartley
CEO, British Patient Capital

Opportunities to grow

Our size and shape means that there are always opportunities to engage with leaders and colleagues across different parts of our business to round out your leadership and commercial experience.

If you’re stepping into leadership, then informal and formal mentoring will help you accelerate your skills. Our Career Conversations programme offers the opportunity to work with our most senior leaders, shape your development plan and identify next-step experiences that will build your potential.

Our work is varied and challenging. We’re a fast-moving team in an ever-changing environment, with colleagues working across many diverse areas to make a positive impact on the UK economy.

Nothing ever stands still at the Bank, so it’s important you have an open mind and want to be involved in helping to shape our future.

Bring your knowledge and experience to the team and we’ll support your career ambitions.

Career areas

Our recruitment guidance

We use a repeatable, four-step process when it comes to recruiting. And, as an equal opportunity employer, we can and will make adjustments to our process depending on what an applicant needs.

We’ve pulled together a useful outline of what our recruitment process looks like, along with some recommendations - and frequently asked questions – for anyone who wants to apply for a role with British Business Bank.