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Colleague case study - Joe Woodman

The Bank’s values of commitment, creativity, and collaboration were a big factor for me.

Joe Woodman
Junior Designer

As a Junior Designer, it’s my responsibility to echo the Bank’s voice in a creative and accessible way.

Usually, my day starts with a team stand-up meeting where we discuss current work.

Knowing that there is a team around me, with a diverse set of skills, is incredibly reassuring.

Following that, I’ll work on tasks from our design pipeline, I really enjoy how much autonomy and control over my day that the Bank gives me.

One of the key parts of the application process was the design task. I talked to some people with accessibility issues and frontend development experience to help me refine my submission which was really useful.

Looking back at the application process, I think it’s important to not only to sell yourself as a designer, but also as a person, showing people who you are and what you’re like to work with.

The application process did take some time due to various checks that you’d expect a top-level organisation to do, however, the Bank offered me reassurance every step of the way and I felt a real sense of belonging even before starting.

I’d say it’s best to maintain a high energy level with a sense of passion.

On a practical level, finding a somewhere to store useful information in a clear and digestible way is really helpful, that way you’ll always come into meetings knowing about the topic.

The Bank’s vales of commitment, creativity, and collaboration were a big factor for me.

Furthermore, knowing that my work would be used to help others is something I wanted to be a part of.

Lastly, for me, it’s incredibly important to be yourself which is something that the Bank encourages.

I’m able to really structure my day and be in the driving seat, something which I find really helps my mental health.

Having that balance between life and work at this stage of my career is an amazing thing to have.

When joining the bank, speaking to people online was a really good way of introducing me to the team and it was lovely being able to chat to people in their normal surroundings, learning about them, their families, and hobbies.

It felt very natural despite it all being virtual.

Since lockdown ended, I try to go into the office at least once or twice a week to meet new people outside of my team.

When I’m not working, I spend a lot of my time playing videogames.

Aside from being fun, gaming provides a creative space to talk to friends and family over long distances but furthermore, it is an endless bank of inspiration in design.

I’ve met some friends for life through it too, some of which helped me with my application!

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