Becoming a partner

If you’re a finance provider that funds smaller businesses, the British Business Bank has a suite of opportunities for partnering to unlock greater and more diverse funding.

Please note: We work with private-sector partners to enable you to access more finance, from a greater number of providers, through a wider range of products. The British Business Bank does not provide funding directly to smaller businesses. If you’re a business looking for more information about finance options, please read our finance options web page, which outlines what funding might be available to you and provides links to organisations representing finance suppliers.

If you’re interested in guarantees to help you provide finance to businesses which would otherwise fall outside your usual risk appetite:

If you lend to smaller businesses and want to find out more about our programme which reduces the capital needed to support such lending:

If you’re interested in a commercial partnership which could help you:

  • provide new types of finance to smaller businesses
  • speed up the growth of your platform so you can get finance to smaller businesses sooner and/or in greater volumes
  • allow you to close your fund more rapidly

Our commercial arm, British Business Bank Investments Ltd, aims to earn commercial returns by investing debt and equity into providers of finance to smaller businesses and small mid-caps.

Find out about British Business Bank Investments Ltd

If you invest in smaller businesses with growth potential, you may be able to partner with us through…

Investments in venture capital funds:

Enterprise Capital Funds (ECFs)

Opportunities for co-investment:

Angel CoFund

Aspire Fund

‘Help to Grow’ Growth Loans

If you provide asset-based finance to smaller businesses, you may be able to partner with us through…

If you’re interested in providing start-up funding and advice to smaller businesses, you may be able to do so through…

If you would like to apply for designation to become a finance referral platform/credit reference agency: